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News For November 28, 2010

Wikileaks: Yemeni President Agreed To Cover up US Attack in Yemen
Cables Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels


“We’ll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours,” Mr. Saleh said, according to the cable sent by the American ambassador, prompting Yemen’s deputy prime minister to “joke that he had just ‘lied’ by telling Parliament” that Yemeni forces had carried out the strikes. Continue

Saudi King: US Should Plant Chips in Gitmo Detainees.

By Full US Embassy Cable

The King, proposed implanting detainees with an electronic chip containing information about them and allowing their movements to be tracked with Bluetooth. This was done with horses and falcons, the King said. Continue

Pakistan - China - Iran
Wikileaks Cables: Key Issues


Pakistan stand-off: The cables show the US has been attempting to remove highly enriched uranium from a research reactor in Pakistan since 2007.

US Embassy Cables Leak Sparks Global Diplomacy Crisis

By David Leigh

More than 250,000 dispatches reveal US foreign strategies • Diplomats ordered to spy on allies as well as enemies • Hillary Clinton leads frantic 'damage limitation' Continue

WikiLeaks Under Attack; No Comment From State Department

By Chris Good

Scanned front page of Monday's Der Spiegel quotes officials calling Ahmadinejad 'Hitler'. Continue

Israel Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran
WikiLeaks: Netanyahu Warned U.S. Iran 'Months Away' From Nuclear Bomb

By Haaretz Service

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed in 2009 that Iran was months away from achieving military nuclear capability, classified documents released by WikiLeaks on Sunday quote a State Department official as saying. Continue

Oceans of Blood and Profits for the Mongers of War

By Robert Fisk

Coming soon to a war near you; oceans of blood, bodies torn to shreds, of course. But bring your credit card. Or a cheque book. It's big business. And there may be profits.

FBI Thwarts Own Car Bomb
Will Americans recoil in yet more contrived fear?

By Tony Cartalucci

The United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have thwarted their own car bomb Friday, November 26, 2010 at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon's Pioneer Courthouse Square. Continue

The Day the Dollar Died


A hypothetical look at how the collapse of the US dollar may affect the world. Continue

The American Ruling Class


This "astonishing," "coruscating" satire poses the question: Is it better to rule the world, or to save it? Continue

NATO soldier, 12 Afghan police forces killed in blasts: At least 12 Afghan policemen were killed Saturday when two suicide bombers wearing police uniforms attacked their headquarters in eastern Afghanistan, officials said.
Senior provincial official, three others killed in Afghanistan: A senior member of a provincial council and three others were killed in separate attacks in eastern and northern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said.
US Kills 3 People In Pakistan: : The drones struck a vehicle in Hasan Khel village, about 20 miles east of Miranshah in the North Waziristan tribal district, Geo News reported.
Airport worker shot dead by US soldiers: US troops killed an Iraqi airport employee today as he drove near a military convoy on his way to work.
Iraqi leader: No need for U.S. troops after 2011: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Saturday that an agreement requiring U.S. troops to leave by the end of 2011 will stand because Iraqi forces are capable of taking care of the country's security.
South admits firing first shells in row with North Korea : South Korea has admitted it fired artillery shells that triggered an early morning clash with North Korea.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Saudi Arabia urges US attack on Iran to stop nuclear programme: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has repeatedly urged the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear programme, according to leaked US diplomatic cables that describe how other Arab allies have secretly agitated for military action against Tehran.
Wikileaks: Intelligence Directives Blur Lines Between Diplomacy and Spying: — The United States has expanded the role of American diplomats in collecting intelligence overseas and at the United Nations, ordering State Department personnel to gather the credit card and frequent-flier numbers, work schedules and other personal information of foreign dignitaries.
US embassy cables: browse the database: Use our interactive guide to discover what has been revealed in the leak of 250,000 US diplomatic cables. Mouse over the map below to find stories and original documents by country, subject or people
Der Spiegel: US officials called Ahmadinejad 'Hitler': according to the German daily, while French President Nicolas Sarkozy is the emperor who has no clothes. The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is "motivated by paranoia", the report says.
UK fears for citizens in Muslim countries over WikiLeaks: Britain has expressed its fear for the wellbeing of its citizens in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries following "anti-Muslim" comments expected to appear in documents slated to be published Sunday evening by the WikiLeaks website, the Sunday Times reports.
How 250,000 US embassy cables were leaked: From a fake Lady Gaga CD to a thumb drive that is a pocket-sized bombshell – the biggest intelligence leak in history
The job of the media is not to protect power from embarrassment: It is for governments – not journalists – to guard public secrets, and there is no national jeopardy in WikiLeaks' revelations
FBI apparently set up US teen blamed for fake car bomb: Teenager was apparently set up by federal law enforcement officials who posed as radical Islamic fighters and lured the young man into a plot he believed would lead him to detonate a car bomb at an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony.
Court asked to order probe of Gitmo psychologist: A court was asked Wednesday to force an investigation into whether an Army psychologist developed abusive interrogation techniques for detainees at Guantanamo Bay and should be stripped of his license.
A billion people will lose their homes due to climate change, says report: British scientists will warn CancĂșn summit that entire nations could be flooded
Thousands protest against Irish bailout: More than 100,000 people gather in Dublin to demonstrate against four-year austerity plan to reduce debts
Iceland Is No Ireland as State Free of Bank Debt, Grimsson Says: Iceland’s President Olafur R. Grimsson said his country is better off than Ireland thanks to the government’s decision to allow the banks to fail two years ago and because the krona could be devalued.
China, Russia Quit Dollar: - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced
FDIC's Bair fears federal debt will be 'next crisis': 110 Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairwoman Sheila Bair would seem to have enough to worry about, with 149 bank failures so far this year and 860 more banks on the agency's "problem" list.
U.S. new-home sales down 8.1% for October: Sales fell in most regions, declining by 23.9% in the West, by 20.4% in the Midwest and by 12.1% in the Northeast. In the South, the month’s sales increased 3.1%.
The American Ruling Class: Video - This "astonishing," "coruscating" satire poses the question: Is it better to rule the world, or to save it?

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