Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guantánamo Bay Torture Files:
Al-Qaida assassin 'worked for MI6'

By Declan Walsh in Islamabad, David Leigh, Jason Burke and Ian Cobain

An al-Qaida operative accused of bombing two Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan in 2002 was at the same time working for British intelligence, according to secret files on detainees who were shipped to the US military's Guantánamo Bay prison camp. Continue

The Sting of the Scorpion...
Egypt's Darkest Corner Was The Forerunner to Guantanamo

By Yvonne Ridley

The Scorpion Prison is a hellish institution that former prisoners told me was the blueprint for America's Guantanamo, the world's most notorious jail. It is reasonable to say that this is Egypt's very own Guantanamo. Continue

Hasta la vista, Baby!
Skynet Is Already Here

By Daniel Patrick Welch

As Christians in the US and the world over flock to church to celebrate the martyrdom of their lord and savior, American predators are noiselessly cruising the skies above yet another Arab land. Continue

It’s Not About Oil, It’s About Currency and Loans

By John Perkins

The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS, and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets or who appear to be moving away from the international banking system that favors the corporatocracy. Continue

A Faustian Bargain

By Lawrence Davidson

Here is how a special interest such as the Zionists might operate. Continue

Botox Politics

By Phil Rockstroh

Among Ciphers, Barn Burners and Confidence Artists: a comb-over treatment for declining empire. Continue

Politics -- Spinning Out of Control

By Sheila Samples

I have a real problem with Democrats who refuse to get off their knees long enough to stand up for what they believe in. Continue

One Wedding and Unlimited Funerals

By Cindy Sheehan

The only solution to the ills that plague us from this global bourgeoisie is a peasant’s (working-class) revolution—and the only way we will ever see one of those is if we stop being co-dependant with the very people who welcome our extinction after our usefulness to them is used up. Continue

Thrifty Families and Other Lies
Like Their Government, Americans Live on Debt

By Ted Rall

The family budget talking point is a fascinating meme that reflects a rarely considered national blind spot. As with other cases of mass denial (we think we're generous do-gooders around the world, foreigners see us for the crazy mean torturers we also are), we give ourselves more credit than we deserve. Continue

Can We Give The Hyperinflation-thing a Rest?

By Mike Whitney

The Federal Reserve is not going to push the economy into Zimbabwean hyperinflation. That's pure bunkum. Continue

At least 19 killed in Pakistan bus attacks: Two bombs have exploded near buses carrying navy officials in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi, killing four people and wounding 56. Tuesday's attacks came hours after another bus was set on fire in southwestern Baluchistan province late on Monday, burning 15 people to death, including four children and two women.
Syrian sends in more troops 'as Daraa assault rages': Syria sent more troops to the southern town of Daraa on Tuesday where a deadly crackdown against pro-democracy protesters raged into a second day, activists said, as Washington considered "targeted sanctions" against Damascus
Amnesty Claims At Least 393 Killed In Syria So Far : "By using the artillery against the people, the Damascus government showed its intention of crushing the protest, even if it means killing", said Malcolm Smart, directory of Amnesty International for the Middle East and North Africa.
'Syria's military is pulling the strings, not the president' : It appears to be the case that it is not Bashar al-Assad, the president, who is telling his generals what they should do. Rather, it is them who tell him that the time for nice words has now passed, and that this issue must now be solved through armed forces.
Further air strikes on Tripoli as Italy warplanes agree to join offensive: State television in Libya confirmed civilian and military targets had been bombed while Nato reported planes struck at a communications headquarters used to coordinate attacks against civilians.
Putin: Libya coalition has no right to kill Gaddafi: "They said they didn't want to kill Gaddafi. Now some officials say, yes, we are trying to kill Gaddafi," Putin said during a visit to Denmark. "Who permitted this, was there any trial? Who took on the right to execute this man?"
Russia May Save Qaddafi from Western Powers: Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying that Russia would not support any resolution that would deepen civil war in Libya. Russia is a veto-wielding permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Eyewitnesses speak out: Has U.S. staged the Libyan coup?: Two eyewitnesses in Italy are on their way to help expose a U.S.-orchestrated NATO-supported coup d’etat in Libya.
Former Gitmo detainee now America's ally in Libya: : For over five years, Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda bin Qumu was a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay prison, judged "a probable member of al-Qaida". Now, Qumu, 51, is a notable figure in the Libyan rebels' fight to oust Muammar Gaddafi.
Yemen troops kill two protesters: Forces loyal to Yemen's embattled president opened fire on protesters demanding his ouster Monday, killing two and wounding dozens at various protests, activists said.
US Airstrikes In Yemen: According to Abyan’s security chief, Colonel Abdullah Ali Saeed, a new airstrike hit the small village of Amfryad in Mudiyah district on 24 April 2011. The attack involved two cruise missiles being launched by a US Predator drone.
Yemen: government and opposition close in on deal to end Saleh's regime: Leaders of both sides said they would travel as early as Wednesday to Riyadh, capital of neighbouring Saudi Arabia, to sign the deal in the presence of observers from the Gulf Co-operation Council, which proposed it,
Bahrain expels Iranian diplomat, raising tensions: Bahrain ordered an Iranian diplomat to leave the island kingdom as ties between the two nations worsen and tensions rise between the Shiite powerhouse and Sunni Arab states in the oil-rich Persian Gulf.
A Brave Saudi : "Where is Khaled?": Video - Khaled, father of four children and a teacher, has been missing since he made this interview with foreign journalists on March 11th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Poll: More than half of Egyptians want to cancel peace treaty with Israel: Only 36 percent of Egyptians are in favor of maintaining the treaty, according to U.S.-based polling company.
Egypt ex-minister put on trial for shootings: Former interior minister faces the death penalty if found guilty of killing protesters.
ElBaradei Blasts Bush Administration Over Iraq War: The March 2003 invasion demonstrated that "deliberate deception was not limited to small countries ruled by ruthless dictators,"
Three killed in Iraq violence: Three people were killed Tuesday in separate attacks in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and northern city of Kirkuk, police said.
One killed, four injured in Iraqi soldiers, Kurd fighters clash: The gunfire killed a civilian and wounded two peshmerga fighters as well as two soldiers, the source said.
Over 15,000 U.S. servicemen to remain in Iraq beyond 2011 deadline:: The Iraqi government is preparing to accept the presence of more than 15,000 U.S. servicemen in Iraq to protect the U.S. interests after the deadline of U.S. troops' pullout by the end of 2011, an Iraqi newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Iraqi leaders want U.S. troops to go: Members of large bloc in the Iraqi Parliament plan to back the terms of a bilateral status of forces agreement with the United States, a lawmaker said Tuesday.
Billions missing as US investigating war contractor con jobs: The US Commission on Wartime Contracting says hired contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan have been caught bilking billions of dollars from the United States government. No large contractor has ever been brought to book or banned from working for the government.
UN: Sri Lanka mass deaths may be 'war crimes': Deaths of tens of thousands in the government's final 2009 offensive against Tamil rebels 'may amount to war crimes.'
Guantanamo torture files: Dozens held were innocent: Leaked files reveal details of interrogations of "high-risk" detainees, but suggest many innocents were also rounded up.
Terror commander bin Laden forced to borrow, secret torture files show : The latest Wikileaks release, including information obtained from 14 key Guantanamo Bay detainees using torture.
Secret US torture files on Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks released by WikiLeaks : Mr Hicks' file describes him as a “compliant” but “deceptive”. He was held in “high regard” by other detainees, including senior al-Qa'ida operatives.
US tipped off about al-Qaida cell that did not exist: Leader of al-Qaida cell in London turned out to be an 11-year-old boy who had never left his village in Saudi Arabia
WikiLeaks highlights 'original sin' of Guantanamo: Innocent bystanders locked up for no reason, Al-Qaeda militants released to commit new atrocities: WikiLeaks has poured light on the "original sin" of Guantanamo, activists and experts say.
Obama hurt fair trial chances: Manning backers: – Supporters of alleged Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of interfering the future trial, after the president said the army private broke the law.
US court grants new sentencing for Mumia Abu-Jamal: The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals told prosecutors to conduct the new sentencing hearing within six months or agree to a life sentence. Abu-Jamal's first-degree murder conviction still stands in the fatal shooting of Officer Daniel Faulkner.
State Department wants passport applicants to reveal lifetime employment history: The U.S. Department of State has proposed a new questionnaire that would make it almost impossible for some people to get a passport.
The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars: While Americans are robbed at the gas pump, Exxon Mobil will this week report a 60% increase in its quarterly net profits to a cool $10 billion. Royal Dutch/Shell will report a 30% increase.

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