Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mission Transformation in Libya

By Glenn Greenwald

Whatever one thinks about this war limited humanitarian intervention on the merits, this is not the mission that Obama cited when justifying America's involvement. It's the opposite: Continue

UN Human Rights Report:
Another Shocking UN Cover Up About Libya

By Lisa Karpova

No less than 46 delegations to the controversial Human Rights Council made positive comments, with rare criticism from, who else, the United States. Continue

Were they lying then or are they lying now?
Libya’s Late, Great Rights Record


The United Nations Human Rights Council was kind in its judgment of Libya. In January, it produced a draft report on the country that reads like an international roll call of fulsome praise, when not delicately suggesting improvements. Continue

'US To Recoup Libya Oil From China'
Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

By Press TV

Why US President Barack Obama needs to overthrow Qaddafi when no other US presidents did. Continue

Real Revolutions or CIA Putsch Campaign in the Middle East?

By Press TV

Press TV Debate with Libyan Rebel Supporter, Daniel Pipes, Prof. Hilal Khashan of Beirut and Webster Griffin Tarpley. Continue

Libya Rebels Execute, And Behead Gaddafi Soldier


Video depicts the reality and horror of War and should only be watch by a mature audience. Continue

War Lobby Won $700 Billion Budget Boost
Wants MORE as Collapse Looms'

By RT - Interview with Chris Hedges

This year's planned military spending is $700 billion, while other areas including healthcare, education, and infrastructure are on the chopping block. The decision came after a long struggle between lawmakers and the Pentagon saying military cuts will threaten national security. Journalist Chris Hedges says the decision was made under severe pressure from some lobbying circles. Continue

How Socialists Built America

By John Nichols

If there’s one constant in the elite national discourse of the moment, it is the claim that America was founded as a capitalist country and that socialism is a dangerous foreign import that, despite our unwarranted faith in free trade, must be barred at the border. Continue

"Let's Hang Some Bankers"


Must Watch - Max Keiser On "Ten O'clock Live". Continue

Japan - The Great Wave
Ishinomaki - Black Water

Video Documentary

A documentary film about Ishinomaki in Japan one of the hardest hit areas of the March 11, 2011 tsunami. Continue

Bomb kills 5 NATO occupation force troops, 4 Afghan soldiers: A suicide bomber disguised in an Afghan army uniform on Saturday detonated a vest packed with explosives at the entrance to a base in eastern Afghanistan, killing five coalition and four Afghan soldiers, officials said.
CIA has established spy network in Pakistan, doesn't need ISI collaboration anymore: According to the newspaper, the US authorities told Pakistan that neither drone strikes would be stopped nor an explanation would be given to the Asian nation for each attack.
Several dead; Libyans demand help against Gaddafi troops: At least four people were killed and 30 injured as violence erupted in the eastern city of Brega, Al Arabiya broadcaster reported, citing witnesses.
Libyan rebels, NATO in joint military operations against Qaddafi forces: Libya’s rebels and NATO forces have established a joint operations room, said the spokesman of the National Transitional Council, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga. This was reported Saturday evening by Agence-France Presse.
Libyan Rebels Say They’re Being Sent Weapons: The rebel military leader, Gen. Abdel Fattah Younes, on Saturday said, that his forces had received weapons supplies from unidentified nations that support their uprising.
Obama acknowledges 'stalemate' in Libya : "You now have a stalemate on the ground militarily, but Gaddafi is still getting squeezed in all kinds of other ways. He is running out of money, he is running out of supplies. The noose is tightening and he is becoming more and more isolated."
Libya denies using cluster bombs: Libya categorically denied claims on Saturday by a rights watchdog that Muammar Gaddafi's forces are using "illegal" cluster bombs against rebel fighters in Misrata, as the long-besieged rebel-held town came under heavy fire once again.
In case you missed it: Cluster bomb producers U.S., Israel, & China refuse to sign landmark cluster munitions treaty; Major cluster bomb producing nations such as the U.S., China, Russia, and Israel refused to sign. India, Pakistan, both Koreas, and Brazil also have not signed.
In case you missed it: WikiLeaks cables: Secret deal let Americans sidestep cluster bomb ban: Officials concealed from parliament how US is allowed to bring weapons on to British soil in defiance of treaty
Syria's al-Assad: Emergency laws 'to end next week': Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he expects a state of emergency to be lifted next week, after weeks of anti-government protests. He made the comments in a televised speech to his newly formed cabinet. The lifting of the 48-year-old emergency law has been a key demand of the protesters.
WikiLeaks: US Embassy Cables: : Hariri proposed new Syria regime: Leaked diplomatic cables allege that Saad Al-Hariri suggested isolating Bashar Al-Assad and forming a coalition of Muslim Brotherhood and former regime figures to take power
Bahrain arrests prominent lawyer, doctors - opposition: - Bahrain has detained a human rights lawyer and at least two doctors as part of a crackdown on pro-democracy protestors in the Gulf Arab kingdom, campaigners said on Saturday.
UN condemns Iraqi operation in a camp: : The United Nations human rights chief on Friday condemned a recent Iraqi military operation in a camp north of Baghdad that left 34 people dead and dozens injured, and called for an independent inquiry into the incident.
Iraqi MP Exposes 'Secret' Talks On US Troops Withdrawl: - According to the Iraqi parliament's Sabah al-Saidi, secret negotiations are underway to extend US troops' stay
Jordan: Six policeman seriously injured in riots: Jordanian police used tear gas at Islamist protesters Friday after six officers were stabbed and seriously injured, as more than 1,000 people demonstrated in Amman, demanding reforms and the ouster of the cabinet.
Jordan premier vows "tough" measures on Salafis: 'These are not good Salafis but a misled group ... who are trying to exploit the atmosphere of democracy and freedom in the country,' he added.
Brand Ahmadinejad rights abuser: US senators: "We urge you to designate President Ahmadinejad as an Iranian human rights abuser," Republican Senators Mark Kirk and Jon Kyl, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Independent Senator Joe Lieberman pressed Clinton in a letter.
Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan: Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply in seawater near a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in northern Japan, possibly signalling new leaks at the facility, the government said Saturday.
Atomic Deserts: A Survey of the World's Radioactive No-Go Zones
New arrest over Anonymous' pro-WikiLeaks attacks: Police have made a sixth arrest in their investigation of Anonymous, the online activist collective that launched a series of cyber attacks on major firms it saw as anti-WikiLeaks.
Sinaloa Drug Cartel Controlled and Protected by Both Mexican and U.S. Governments?: Recent testimony by captured drug cartel leader Vicente Zambada in Federal Court points to DEA and FBI protection and collaboration with one of the most dangerous and powerful criminal organizations in the world: the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.
Complaining About TSA Molestation Will Get You Profiled as a Terrorist: According to CNN, the government considers “arrogant complaining” about TSA Gestapo tactics at the nation’s airports to be an indication of terrorist behavior.

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