Thursday, 14 April 2011

Qatar Illegally Arms Libyan Rebels
Libyan Rebels Receiving Anti-tank Weapons From Qatar

By Ian Black in Doha

Officials in Doha confirm Qatar has been secretly supplying French-made missiles to Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Continue

"The Real Battle Is Yet To Come"

Video By Al Jazeera

General Khalifa Haftar (suspected CIA asset) was once a top commander in Gaddafi's army. He defected in the 1980s and went into exile in the US. This year, he has returned to his homeland to join the uprising. The rebel leader sat down with Al Jazeera's correspondent Hoda Abdel Hamid in Benghazi, telling her that what his forces need is arms. Continue

False Pretense For War In Libya?

By Alan J. Kuperman

EVIDENCE IS now in that President Barack Obama grossly exaggerated the humanitarian threat to justify military action in Libya. Continue

Libya and Sarkozy aims to rule NATO?


France and the UK want to step up the assault on Colonel Gaddafi, and are considering arming the rebels. For more, RT talks to Johan Galtung, rector of the Transcend Peace University. Continue

"Five Objectives of the United States In Africa"

By Guns and Butter

An interview with with Michel Collon. Topics include: The African strategy; Goals of the US war against Libya; The five principles of war propaganda; Israel; Yemen and Bahrain; Eritrea. Continue

Endless War and Empire: Your Tax Dollars at Work

By Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis

While our fiscal woes have led Congress to slash food aid this year to the world’s poor -- rest assured, fellow Americans -- the U.S. government will keep using your tax dollars to kill them. Continue

American Radical
The trials of Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein.

Video Decomuntary

American Radical is the probing, definitive documentary about Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein. A devoted son of holocaust survivors, an ardent critic of Israel and US Middle East policy, Finkelstein has been steadfast at the centre of many intractable controversies, including his denial of tenure at DePaul University. Continue

The Big Lie

By Ernest Partridg

Is there any limit to the outrageousness of the GOP lies? Is there any limit to the capacity of a large number of our fellow citizens to accept these lies? Continue

Student loans and "for-profit colleges: "They're worse than you think"

By Mike Whitney

If this sounds like it might be a scam; it's because it is. Continue

24 killed in Pakistan clashes: At last two soldiers and 22 alleged militants were killed on Thursday in Pakistan's troubled north-western tribal areas along the Afghan border, security officials said.
US killed 957 Pakistani civilians in 2010: A total of 957 Pakistani civilians were killed in American drone attacks in the country 2010, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in its annual report Thursday.
Suicide bombers hit Afghan village police, kill 3: Suicide bombers attacked a training area for a new U.S.-backed village defense force on Thursday — one of three such attacks across Afghanistan that killed and wounded policemen and civilians.
No compromise on Nato troops withdrawal: Taliban: The Taliban on Wednesday said the basic solution to the Afghan issue lies in the immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and not in setting up Taliban offices in other countries.
Sudan forces 'kill over 20 people' in South Kordofan: Sudanese paramilitary forces killed more than 20 people including women and children when they attacked a village in South Kordofan, the oil-producing border state's deputy governor said Thursday.
Over 800 killed in south Sudan since January: UN: The number of people displaced by violence has doubled in the past month to 93,780 people, according to figures released by Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Sudan.
Civilians have been killed by NATO air raids on Tripoli: Libyan TV: Witnesses speak of four explosions, anti-aircraft missiles returning fire and have seen smoke rising from the south east of the city. One of these explosions came from the vicinity of Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziza bunker
U.S. continues to bomb Libya: U.S. fighter jets are still attacking Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's air defenses even after NATO took over full command of Libya operations earlier this month, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.
Obama's broken Libya promises: Statements last month from the president and his defense secretary about the U.S. role in Libya have not held up
World leaders slam West war in Libya: In their summit meeting in southern China, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa unanimously condemned the Libya bombings, AFP reported Thursday.
U.S., allies see Libyan rebels in hopeless disarray: Too little is known about Libya's rebels and they remain too fragmented for the United States to get seriously involved in organizing or training them, let alone arming them, U.S. and European officials say.
Muammar al-Gaddafi "Green Book" Online: In Qaddafi’s words, “THE GREEN BOOK presents the ultimate solution to the problem of the instrument of government, and indicates for the masses the path upon which they can advance from the age of dictatorship to that of genuine democracy.
Ivory coast: Red Cross: Bodies litter streets of Abidjan : "Many who are injured or ill still cannot go to hospital because of the security situation, or because they lack transportation. Medical facilities that are still functioning are overwhelmed, and they lack supplies and personnel.
Russia criticises U.N. force role in Ivory Coast: - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Thursday that U.N. peacekeepers had taken sides in the conflict in Ivory Coast and called it a dangerous tendency.
At least 7 killed in Yemen as violence intensifies : At least seven people were killed on Wednesday in Yemen as protests continued across the country.
Yemen opposition wants Saleh out within two weeks: - Yemen's opposition rejected an offer on Thursday to join Saudi-mediated talks on a transfer of power and set a two-week deadline for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step aside.
Syrian government: Soldier killed by snipers in Banias: - One Syrian soldier was killed and another injured by snipers in the north-western city of Banias on Thursday, state media reported.
Syria's al-Assad announces cabinet, releases protesters : Bashar al-Assad announced the formation of a new cabinet on Thursday, following the release of hundreds of detained protesters, dpa reported.
Bahrain: 'Thirty-one protesters killed, 600 arrested', since February, group says : Thirty-one protesters have been killed in Bahrain since 14 February when government forces began cracking down on anti-government demonstrations, independent rights watchdog Bahrain Center for Human Rights said in a report.
Bahrain moves against two opposition groups: Legal procedures initiated to dissolve Al Wefaq and Islamic Action Party citing threat to national unity and society
U.S. Keeps Quiet over Repression: While his administration has become ever more outspoken against repression in Syria and Yemen - not to mention Libya, where Obama has called for regime change - it has remained remarkably restrained about the escalating crackdown by the Sunni monarchy against the majority Shia population and prominent pro-democracy figures.
UN confirms 34 dead at Iranian camp in Iraq: The United Nations on Thursday confirmed 34 people have been found dead at an Iranian dissident camp in Iraq after Iraqi security forces moved against the camp last week.
Street protests banned in Baghdad: Iraq has decided to officially ban street protests in the capital Baghdad and limited approved demonstrations sites to three soccer stadiums, a security official said on Wednesday, according to reports.
Israelis prepares for major slaughter in Gaza: A new invasion, which would likely be far more pulverizing than Cast Lead, could stir support for Hamas in Egypt now that Hosni Mubarak is no longer around to back Israel and keep Gaza blockaded.
Gaza war report co-authors reject Goldstone's retraction: The three co-authors rejected on Thursday an op-ed by the fourth member and chairman Richard Goldstone in which he retracted key conclusions of the report – in particular saying that Israel had not intentionally targeted civilians during the war.
Goldstone report: Statement issued by members of UN mission on Gaza war: In recent days some articles and comments appearing in the press with respect to the report of the United Nations (UN) fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict of 2008-2009 have misrepresented facts in an attempt to delegitimise the findings of this report and to cast doubts on its credibility.
EU grants Palestinian produce duty-free access: "Facilitating Palestinian trade is a crucial element of the state building process which the EU is supporting both politically and financially," EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.
Gilad Atzmon: Let Us Talk About Jewishness: Since Israel defines itself as the Jewish State, then surely --we must be brave enough to question what Jewishness stands for.
House leader to invite Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to address joint meeting of Congress: Netanyahu is visiting the United States next month. Boehner says he'll make the invitation after Congress approves a resolution for a joint meeting of the House and Senate.
Egyptian junta steps up violence as protests and strikes continue: On Tuesday, the Egyptian military once again stormed Tahrir Square and violently dispersed a peaceful sit-in by demonstrators. At 17:00, the military drove onto the square with armoured vehicles, forcing protesters from the centre, and then occupied the area with heavily armed soldiers.
Egypt orders review of gas contracts with Israel: Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf says review is aimed at bringing in greatest returns for country, at income boost of some $3-4 billion.
British ex-MP George Galloway to sue Canada govt: Firebrand British former lawmaker George Galloway is to sue the Canadian government for $1.5 million over claims made against him in 2009, it has been announced.
World Bank: Food prices have entered the 'danger zone': Food prices have entered the “danger zone”, threatening to condemn a generation to extreme poverty and malnutrition, the World Bank has warned.
The Budget Deal Turns Out To Be A Gigantic Fraud: Originally the deal between The White House and Congressional Republicans was touted for delivering $38 billion in cost savings.

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