Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Libya All About Oil, Or Central Banking?

By Ellen Brown

Several writers have noted the odd fact that the Libyan rebels took time out from their rebellion in March to create their own central bank - this before they even had a government. Continue

Gaddafi is the Perfect Target

By Jack A. Smith

At no time has it been indicated a majority of Libyans support overthrowing Col. Gaddafi, much less back a USNATO war to install a western-aligned government in Tripoli — especially one about which considerable questions are being asked. Continue

Libya: The Law is Clear - It is Illegal to Arm the "Rebels"

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Under the UN Charter and Resolutions 1970 and 1973 it would be illegal for any entity to arm the "rebels" in Libya and in so doing, this would constitute a breach of international law, leaving the perpetrators open to criminal liability. And has anyone researched the history of the "rebel" movement? Continue

US-backed Bahrain Regime Tortures, Murders Critics

By David Walsh

The US remains steadfast in its support for the murderous Khalifa regime, even as Washington blathers on about “democracy” and “human rights” in Libya. Continue

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Camp Accuses France of Coup
Video - Grim Scenes at Gbagbo's Home


A spokesperson for Laurent Gbagbo accused France of carrying out a coup d'état in Côte d'Ivoire by allegedly using its special forces to capture the former president. Paris denies the claims, and has announced a 400-million-euro aid package for its former colony. Continue

Recognising Palestine?
Seeking Recognition for an Imaginary State

By Ali Abunimah

The efforts of the Palestinian Authority to push for statehood are nothing more than an elaborate farce. Continue

Why Does Israel Have A Veto Over The Peace Process?

By Alan Hart

For Israel’s hawks the war of 1967 was the unfinished business of 1948/49 – to create a Greater Israel with all of Jerusalem its capital. Continue

The Real Housewives of Wall Street:
Look Who's Cashing In On the Bailout

By Matt Taibbi

Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs? Continue

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Slams US Dollar
Video Interview By RT

Joseph Stiglitz, told RT why he thinks the US dollar as the reserve currency is hurting the entire world, how Federal Reserve have failed, and why inequality in the US may be reaching a tipping point that hurts the economy and society. Continue

Tax Me, I'm Rich, Says Deep-Pocketed Group

By Alan Farnham

Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength--rich guys in favor of raising taxes on themselves and other wealthy people--say they are irritated over President Obama's failure to do just that. Continue

Suicide bombing during tribal council meeting kills 10 Afghans: Haji Malik Zareen, an influential tribal chief who was a guerrilla commander during the anti-Soviet struggle in the 1980s, was among those killed.
US Kills 6 people in Pakistan: The drones fired five missiles at the compound in Gharr village in Angoor Adda area near Afghanistan border.
Pakistan Moves to Curb More Aggressive U.S. Drone Strikes, Spying: The Pakistani military, which holds real power over matters of national security in Pakistan, is now insisting for the first time that Washington must observe strict limits on both the use of drone strikes and on the number of U.S. military and intelligence personnel and contractors in the country.
Seven killed as rallies continue in Yemen: At least seven people, including four policemen, were killed during clashes with a dissident army unit, as hundreds of thousands of anti-regime protesters rallied across Yemen on Wednesday.
Three killed in bomb attacks in Iraq: Three people were killed and four wounded in three attacks carried out by sticky bombs in central Iraq on Tuesday, the police said.
Donald Duck Trump: Iraq Oil Will Make Us a Fortune: If the US were to get its hands on some of that oil, it could make money and pay back its allies like the UK for their involvement in the Iraqi invasion and occupation, he said. Trump mentioned that the US financial cost of invading and occupying Iraq totals $1.5 trillion.
Libya "contact group" agrees to finance rebel forces, says Gaddafi must go,: The "contact group" meeting of foreign ministers, who will next meet in May, said they would work with the national council rebel group to to set up a temporary financial mechanism, referring to an idea floated earlier of establishing a fund to help rebels using frozen assets.
Libya group agrees 'trust fund' for rebels: Italy wants the international community to consider arming Libyan rebels under the UN resolution authorising the use of all means to defend civilians, the Italian foreign ministry spokesman said.
Qatar confirms helping Libyan rebels sell oil: The tiny Gulf Arab nation of Qatar said Tuesday it was behind last week's sale of more than $100 million of crude oil from areas held by Libya's rebels.
Germany Expelling Five Libyan Diplomats: In a statement Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry said Libya's ambassador had been summoned and informed that the five diplomats have seven days to leave Germany.
"I Am Willing to Give My Life": Bahraini Human Rights Activists Risk Lives to Protest U.S./Saudi-Backed Repression
Tunisian migrants riot on Italian island: Riot at migrant detention centre follows controversial deportation deal between Tunisian and Italian authorities.
Syria releases prisoners after women protest: Syrian women block highway in demonstration against political detainees, get authorities to release 100 prisoners
Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Camp Accuses France of Coup: A spokesperson for Laurent Gbagbo accused France of carrying out a coup d'état in Côte d'Ivoire by allegedly using its special forces to capture the former president. Paris denies the claims, and has announced a 400-million-euro aid package for its former colony.
Ex-president Mubarak and two sons detained for 15 days: Gamal and Alaa are reported to be on the way to Tora prison in Cairo from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh were they were interrogated.
Palestinian PM to ask western donors for $5 billion in investment to launch state: Given a continuing impasse despite 18 years of talks, Palestinian leaders aim to ask the UN General Assembly in September for recognition of statehood on all of the territory Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Blowback: Israel's bogus narrative on Palestinian refugees: Palestinians have never accepted our enforced oblivion. We are fighting to tell our history, win a future of political freedom and secure the return of refugees forced from their homes and never allowed to return.
Attorney General expected to announce indictment against Lieberman: Israels Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is expected to announce Wednesday that he has filed an indictment against Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on charges of fraud, money laundering, and breach of trust.
Iran stops providing fuel to European aircraft in retaliatory move: Iranian planes have been denied fuel in Germany, Britain and a Gulf Arab state, prompting Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi to halt fuel supply for European planes.
Japan’s nuclear cover-up: It is not nuclear technology as such that presents the danger, but the social and economic order under which it has developed. If nuclear power remains in the hands of private corporations and under the domination of the capitalist market, the environment and public health and safety will inevitably be subordinated to the drive for profit.
Fed penalizes 10 banks on mortgage practices: The Federal Reserve said it's taken enforcement action against 10 banks over "a pattern of misconduct and negligence related to deficient practices in residential mortgage loan servicing and foreclosure processing.

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