Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Top Ten Myths about Afghanistan, 2010

By Juan Cole

10. “There has been significant progress in tamping down the insurgency in Afghanistan.” Continue

WikiLeaks Exposed US and Hillary's Hopelessness

By Robert Fisk

That Clinton should want her State Department slaves to play secret agents on the poor old UN shows what an utterly worthless institution the US State Department has become. Continue

The Merger of Journalists and Government Officials

By Glenn Greenwald

It's not news that establishment journalists identify with, are merged into, serve as spokespeople for, the political class: that's what makes them establishment journalists. Continue

The Gaza Massacre And The Struggle For Justice

By Ali Abunimah

The Gaza massacre, which Israel launched two years ago today, did not end on 18 January 2009, but continues. It was not only a massacre of human bodies, but of the truth and of justice. Only our actions can help bring it to an end. Continue


By Paul Craig Roberts

The most uncomfortable truth that emerges from the WikiLeaks saga is that American public discourse consists of cries for revenge against those who tell us truths. Continue

2011: Prospects for Humanity?

By Francis A. Boyle

Future, what future? I am extremely pessimistic. In my opinion the world is moving ineluctably towards a third world war—a strategic nuclear war. I do not believe that anything can be done to prevent it. Continue

US Kills Another 16 People In Pakistan: At least 16 people were killed in four consecutive U.S. drone strikes Tuesday afternoon in Pakistan's northwest tribal area of North Waziristan, reported local media.
US strikes kill 46 People In Pakistan: US drone attacks on tribal areas in northwest Pakistan have killed and wounded scores of people in the past two days.
Obama’s CIA War in Pakistan: Obama’s favorite war is in Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border. He has had the CIA ramp up the number of missiles making attacks.
Eight killed in Iraq : Eight people were killed, five of them police officers, in two separate incidents in the northern Iraqi province of Mosul Tuesday.
19 killed, 45 wounded in Iraq bombings: Back-to-back suicide bombings at a government compound in this western Iraqi city yesterday killed 19 and wounded 45, police said, in an attack that heaped tragedy on the families of victims of a similar recent bombing.
Explosion kills 3 in northern Afghan province: A bomb blast left three people dead in Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan on Tuesday, an official said.
NATO occupation force soldier, civilian killed in Afghanistan: One foreign soldier, one insurgent and one civilian were killed in Afghanistan, officials said Tuesday.
Palestinian killed in Israeli attack: Hassan Abu Rok, 22, was killed in the Israeli gunfire attack on the village of Khuza'a, east of Khan Yunis on Tuesday, said Hamas spokesman Adham Abu Selmiya.
State Department Lied, Denying Dubai Asked for Assistance in Tracking Mossad Assassins: To those who say that Wikileaks hasn’t told us anything we didn’t already know–think again.
Alan Hart: IF Obama could put America’s own real interests first…: Unconditional support for the Zionist state of Israel right or wrong is not in America’s own best interests because it’s a prime cause of Arab and other Muslim hurt and humiliation, which is being transformed into a rising tide of anti-Americanism.
'Shin Bet tortures prisoners and denies access to lawyers': As many as 90% of Palestinian prisoners are denied this basic right despite civilian and military legislation, says study produced by Public Committee Against Torture and Palestinian Prisoners' Society.
Make no mistake - Israelis have always been racist: In its early days, when Israel's character was taking shape, it determined that the white race was superior.
In case you missed it: The Transfer Agreement : 1933 - Zionists sign a deal with Hitler
Which ISPs Hand Private Surfing Info Over To Secretive Private Group Who Monitors It For The Feds?: This is just bizarre. I saw a Wired report about a talk by a guy named Chet Uber, who claimed he helped connect Adrian Lamo to the feds in order to turn in Bradley Manning
Ex-Shell president sees $5 gas in 2012: "I'm predicting actually the worst outcome over the next two years which takes us to 2012 with higher gasoline prices," he said.
Nearly 100 bailed-out banks may collapse all the same: analysis: The $700-billion bank bailout, launched in the final months of the Bush administration, was meant to save US financial institutions from a systemic collapse. But an analysis of banks' earnings statements concludes that nearly 100 bailed-out banks are at risk of collapsing all the same.
Number Of Uninsured Americans Soars To Over 50 Million: Among the report's most troubling findings: The number of Americans without any health care coverage grew by more than four million in 2009. That left almost one-fifth of non-elderly people uninsured. Among those between 19 and 29 years old, nearly one-third lacked coverage.
Job Market Booming Overseas For Many American Companies: Corporate profits are up. Stock prices are up. So why isn't anyone hiring? Actually, many American companies are – just maybe not in your town. They're hiring overseas, where sales are surging and the pipeline of orders is fat.
US Changes How It Measures Long-Term Unemployment: So many Americans have been jobless for so long that the government is changing how it records long-term unemployment.

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