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US Kills At Least 51 People In Pakistan

By The Express Tribune News

On Thursday, another US missile strike killed seven suspected militants in Khyber Agency. Local security officials said the attack was an apparent expansion of America’s drone campaign in the country. Continue

On The Run:
CIA Chief in Pakistan Leaves after Drone Trial Blows his Cover

By Declan Walsh

The officer, named in Pakistan as Jonathan Banks, left the country yesterday, after a tribesman publicly accused him of being responsible for the death of his brother and son in a CIA drone strike in December 2009. Karim Khan, a journalist from North Waziristan, called for Banks to be charged with murder and executed. Continue

PLO 'Disappointed' Over U.S. Resolution

By Natasha Mozgovaya

The Palestinian delegation in the United States expressed its "deep disappointment" on Thursday over the resolution passed by the U.S. House, which opposes unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. Continue

Zionist Lobby’s New Orders For Obama

By Alan Hart

Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, California’s representative Howard Berman told The Forward: “Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist.” This is the man, one of the Zionist lobby’s most influential stooges in Congress, who introduced House Resolution 1734 which gives President Obama his new orders. Continue

WikiLeaks: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

By John Pilger and Others

Now WikiLeaks has laid bare the lies and collusion, we pledge to not just witness but actively participate in its fight for democracy. Continue

Protect Assange, Don’t Abuse Him

By John Pilger

“Guardians of women’s rights” in the British liberal press have rushed to condemn the WikiLeaks founder. In fact, at every turn in his dealings with our justice system, his basic human rights have been breached. Continue

US Empire Could Collapse At Any Time, Pulitzer Winner

By Nathan Diebenow

"We've undergone a corporate coup d'état in slow motion," he said. "Our public education system has been gutted. Our infrastructure is corroding and collapsing. Unless we begin to physically resist, they are going to solidify neo-feudalism in this country." Continue

Bernie Sanders Puts Barack Obama to Shame

By Matt Taibbi

In an era of Democratic waffling and compromise, the Independent from Vermont actually stands up for what he believes in. Continue

24 people killed by US drone strikes: At least 24 people, including a militant commander, were killed and several others injured in three separate US drone attacks in different areas of Khyber Agency, a private television news channel reported on Friday.
US cables: India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir: Beatings and electric shocks inflicted on hundreds of civilians detained in Kashmir, US diplomats in Delhi told by ICRC
2 NATO occupation force troops killed in Afghanistan: A soldier with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was killed in eastern Afghanistan, bringing the military alliance's casualties to two on a single day Friday, the ISAF said, Xinhua reported.
French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan : - A French soldier was killed by insurgent fighter fire during a reconnaissance mission in the Alhasay valley in Afghanistan, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said in an e-mailed statement today
Gains in Kandahar Came with More Brutal U.S. Tactics: The military offensive in Kandahar, which had been opposed clearly and vocally by the local leadership in the province, was accompanied by an array of military tactics marked by increased brutality
Iraq: Blackwater killings: 'US at fault': The security company formerly known as Blackwater has told a US federal judge that the US government, and not the company itself, should be held accountable for a 2007 shooting by its contractors that killed 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square in Baghdad.
3 Yemen soldiers killed, 7 hurt in Abyan: Gunmen killed three Yemeni soldiers and wounded seven others on Friday when they opened fire on a military base in the southern province of Abyan, a security official said.
Dead man walking: Supposedly Slain al-Qaida "Terrorist" Reappears in Photo: A key al-Qaida figure wanted by the FBI for the murder of 17 U.S. sailors aboard the USS Cole reportedly has resurfaced in Yemen despite reports two months ago that he had been killed in a CIA drone strike in Pakistan.
House approves $160 billion for wars without debate: Unlike during the height of the Iraq War when anti-war Democrats tried to use the legislation to force troops home, the House passed the defense bill Friday with almost no debate on Afghanistan.
Federal Government Cuts Off Recession Relief Money To States: Despite soaring unemployment and the 19 million Americans currently living in "deep poverty," federal funds for the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) program have entirely dried up for the first time since 1996, leaving states with an average of 15 percent less federal funding for the coming year to help an ever-increasing number of needy families.
CIA accused of role in Iran suicide bombing: Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar charged on Friday the CIA was involved in the suicide bombing in southeast Iran as the death toll rose to 36.
In effort to end sanctions, Iran negotiating nuclear swap: Opinions in the United States regarding the Turkish-led negotiations are mixed. A group of U.S. Senators last month called on President Barack Obama to reject any deal until Iran completely abandons uranium enrichment efforts.
Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Perle: Israel Will Act on Iran: Israel ultimately will have to attack Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, says Richard Perle, a key architect of President Ronald Reagan’s strategy to end the Cold War.
Bolivia joins neighbors in recognizing Palestinian state: President Evo Morales makes announcement in Brazil, suggests state should be along 1967 borders, Ma'an news agency says; Abbas welcomes move, thanks Bolivia for support.
US House passes anti-Palestine bill: Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA), chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, rushed to the House floor with a resolution drafted by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] condemning the Palestinians for publicly suggesting that, in the wake of Netanyahu's refusal to freeze settlements and negotiate, they will consider a unilateral declaration of statehood.
S. African politicians 'beaten up by IDF': Parliament members say 'shoved' by soldiers during anti-Israel protest in village near Bethlehem last week. 'They fired tear gas and stun grenades at us,' one of them claims. Army: Forces used means required to end violent riot
Bloggers claim WikiLeaks struck deal with Israel over diplomatic cables leaks: Is Israel behind the publication of the WikiLeaks trove - and is it manipulating the information coming out to help Israeli interests?
How Arab governments tried to silence WikiLeaks: An appetite for state secrets led to bans on western newspapers and hacked news websites across the Middle East
WikiLeaks' lesson on Haiti: What the US embassy cables reveal about Washington's malign influence should make Latin American nations quit the UN force
Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say: The intelligence analyst suspected of leaking US diplomatic cables is being held in solitary confinement
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by US: Organisation's founder says he is reliant on public opinion to rein in 'superpower that does not appear to be following rule of law'
WikiLeaks cleared of breaking Australian law: The Australian Federal Police today said an investigation which began November 30 had detected no offences. This finding is an embarrassment to Prime Minister Julia Gillard who initially said the leaking of confidential cables to Washington from the US Embassy in Canberra was illegal.
Russia summons US, S Korea envoys: “We strongly call on South Korea to refrain from holding the planned artillery firing in order to prevent a further escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula,” a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said.
North Korea threatens to launch two retaliatory strikes over further planned artillery drills on disputed island: North Korea has again warned its southern neighbour to stop planned artillery drills on disputed islands and said it would launch two retaliatory strikes if it failed to comply.
Federal court blocks Obama Administration attempt to spy on cell phones without a warrant: Federal court blocks Obama Administration attempt to spy on cell phones without a warrantThe Obama Administration's effort to obtain your location from cell phone towers without a warrant was rebuffed Wednesday by a federal court.
Trash collectors to serve as eyes and ears in the street for police: A former FBI agent recently trained all Waste Management drivers, helpers and technicians in Rensselaer and Albany Counties to act as a mobile community watch.
Washington subway police to begin random bag checks: Officers will start random bag inspections on the sprawling Washington subway system, the Washington Metro Transit Police said on Thursday, a week after a man was arrested for making bomb threats to the rail system.
Federal Government Cuts Off Recession Relief Money To States: Despite soaring unemployment and the 19 million Americans currently living in "deep poverty," federal funds for the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) program have entirely dried up for the first time since 1996, leaving states with an average of 15 percent less federal funding for the coming year to help an ever-increasing number of needy families.
Food prices rise sharply - and there's more to come: Grocery prices grew by more than 1 1/2 times the overall rate of inflation this year, outpaced only by costs of transportation and medical care, according to numbers released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Chase Foreclosure Protest: 22 Arrested In LA: Police arrested 22 demonstrators who blocked entry to a downtown Chase bank branch Thursday to protest what they said were unfair home foreclosures.
Most Driven Into Debt by Medical Bills HAVE Health Insurance: Between 2000 and 2003, seven in ten adults who were driven into debt by medical expenses had insurance at the time.

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