Thursday, 23 December 2010

US Stepping Up Pressure on Pakistan

By Gareth Porter

The proposed U.S. cross-border operations are "a perfect recipe for ruining even this bad relationship", said Nawaz. They would "disrupt the whole enterprise in Pakistan, including the civilian government". Political opponents of the existing government would be "screaming for blood" Continue

Nixon adopted this tactic in Vietnam.
It won't work any better now than it did then

By Patrick Cockburn

Could US Special Forces make a lunge across the Pakistan border in pursuit of the Taliban just as American and South Vietnamese troops briefly invaded Cambodia in pursuit of the Vietcong and North Vietnamese forces in 1970? Continue

WikiLeaks to Release Israel Documents in Six Months

By Peninsula News

“The Guardian, El-Pais and Le Monde have published only two percent of the files related to Israel due to the sensitive relations between Germany, France and Israel. Even New York Times could not publish more due to the sensitivities related to the Jewish community in the US,” he added. Continue

Believe in Violence and Be Saved

By Robert C. Koehler

“the mob” is the reservoir of human empathy and the pulsing ocean of our evolution. When it comes to war, “the mob” may be the only voice of restraint and concern for the common good. Continue

Don't Go, Don't Kill!
The repeal of don't ask, don't tell

By Cindy Sheehan

The US military is not a human rights organisation and nowhere near a healthy place to earn a living or raise a family. Continue

In Case You Missed It
'The War on Democracy'

Documentary By John Pilger

'The War on Democracy' was John Pilger's first major film for the cinema. Set in Latin America and the US, it explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. - It allows us to understand the true nature of the so-called war on terror". Continue

UN: 173 killed in Cote d'Ivoire: The United Nations said on Thursday that at least 173 people have been killed and 114 others have gone missing or been tortured following the disputed presidential elections in Cote d'Ivoire.
Afghan forces kill 6 militants, capture another: Afghan forces backed by NATO-led troops killed six Taliban fighters and arrested another in the eastern Ghazni province 149 km from capital Kabul on Thursday, an army officer Daud Shah Wafadar said.
Afghan policeman killed in checkpoint suicide blast: A suicide bomber killed an Afghan policeman and wounded five civilians in Kunduz on Thursday, the second deadly attack on government security forces in the northern city this week.
British occupation force soldier killed in Afghan bomb blast: A British soldier has died following a bomb blast in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.
25,000 soldiers headed to Afghanistan in 2011: Defense Secretary Robert Gates signed the deployment orders a day after President Obama said he will start bringing troops home from Afghanistan in July. In the same breath, he said the U.S. will not finish transitioning military forces out of Afghanistan until 2014.
Gunmen kill Iraqi general in Baghdad: Gunmen have opened fire on an army brigadier's general car, leaving the general dead and his daughter wounded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, officials say
Israeli attack kills one Gazan: Staff at a local Palestinian hospital named the dead man as Salama Abu Hashish, 22, a shepherd, and said he had been shot in the back.
Israel prepares ground for military operation in Gaza: PLO official: - Israel has been preparing the ground for a new military operation in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian official said Thursday, following Israeli fire injured two people in northern Gaza.
Palestinians: Draft condemning West Bank settlements ready for UN: Chief Palestinian negotiator says he expects resolution to be put forth at Security Council in February, and hopes U.S. will not use its veto.
Israel 'approves 13,000 settlement units': A new report reveals that Israel has approved 13,000 settlement units in the occupied West Bank since Tel Aviv's partial freeze on the projects expired late September.
Democrats up in arms over hints of reduced aid for Israel: – Democrats are blasting the prospect that a GOP-led House of Representatives might trim aid to Israel or consider it separately from the rest of the foreign aid budget.
Palestinian delegate to U.S.: Congress shouldn't interfere in Mideast peace process: Maen Rashid Areikat: Israelis and Palestinians, not the U.S. Congress, will decide the future of the conflict; parents of Rachel Corrie receive award at event marking International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
Uruguay plans to recognize Palestinian state: Joining Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, Uraguay Foreign Minister Luis Almagro says his country is studying implications of decision with regard to international law.
'WikiLeaks to publish Israel cables on Second Lebanon War, Dubai assassination': Julian Assange, founder of whistle-blowing website, says thousands of documents related to Israel are due to be released over next six months
North Korea ready to unleash 'Holy Nuclear War' on South : The North's defence minister's statement was reported by state media there. The minister accused Seoul of deliberately stoking tension by staging successive joint military drills with the U.S. next to the North's territory. - Rt talks to Glyn Ford, who's a former British EU parliament member and author of the book 'North Korea on the Brink: Struggle for Survival'.
Leaks show Indonesia military abuse: Memos revealed by WikiLeaks show US diplomats aware of extensive corruption and rights violations in West Papua.
UN Special Rapporteur on Wikileaks and the Promotion and Protection to Freedom of Opinion and Expression: The right to access to information protects the right of every person to access public information and to know what governments are doing on their behalf. - Without the protection of this right, it is impossible for citizens to know the truth
UN probes Manning's jail treatment: Special rapporteur on torture looking into claims that US soldier suspected of feeding WikiLeaks is being mistreated.
Julian Assange interview on Al-Jazeera: The WikiLeaks founder speaks to David Frost about secrets, leaks and why he will not go back to Sweden.
Fresh humiliation for eurozone as China says it will bail out debt-ridden nations: China has said it is willing to bail out debt-ridden countries in the euro zone using its $2.7trillion overseas investment fund.
How the Fed let small banks take on too much debt, then fail: The Federal Reserve Board, chastised for regulatory inaction that contributed to the subprime mortgage meltdown, also missed a chance to prevent much of the financial chaos ravaging hundreds of small- and mid-sized banks.
Pension Checks Stopped in Alabama City: The pension fund of Prichard, Alabama has run dry. It only impacts a small number of retired town workers, but it provides a hint at what might happen on a larger scale when some biggies run out of dollars.

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