Thursday, 5 November 2009

News For November 05, 2009

Former UK Ambassador: CIA Sent People to be ‘Raped with Broken Bottles’

By Daniel Tencer

The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country. Continue

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted CIA Spy Says "We Broke the Law"


Sabrina deSousa Says U.S. "Betrayed" Her and Others Found Guilty in Kidnapping of Muslim Cleric in Italy. Continue

America's New Crusader Castles

By Simon Tisdall

Across the Middle East, the US is building heavily fortified embassies which cut off diplomats and create hostilities. Continue

Truth, Human Dignity and the Goldstone Report

How Your Representative Voted

By Congressman Dennis Kucinich

“Today we journey from Operation Cast Lead to Operation Cast Doubt. Almost as serious as committing war crimes is covering up war crimes, pretending that war crimes were never committed and did not exist. Continue

Bipartisan Attack on International Humanitarian Law

By Stephen Zunes

Since this report documented apparent war crimes by a key U.S. ally, however, Congress has taken the unprecedented action of passing a resolution condemning it. Perhaps most ominously, the resolution also endorses Israel's right to attack Syria and Iran on the grounds that they are "state sponsors of terrorism." Continue

Pornographic Past vs Murderous Present

By Gilad Atzmon

“Why would any writer make up stories about the Holocaust?” Continue

Zionism’s Version of History

This is a must watch - By Norman Finkelstein

The reason why Finkelstein is vilified by Jewish supporters of Israel right or wrong can be simply stated. In his writing and public speaking, as in his doctoral thesis, he is committed to exposing books which present Zionism’s version of history. They are, he writes and says, part of a “monumental hoax”, “fraud” and “nonsense”. Continue

Shut Down This Murderous Racket

Change We Need and Crave

By Matt Reichel

Al Capone is awake in his grave in awe at the criminal racket promulgated by the health care industry: a murderous multi-billion dollar industry that keeps the world’s Superpower in the sociological Stone Age. Continue

At least 40 killed as Saudi jets bomb Yemen: : Saudi officials as saying that the air force had attacked fighters who had seized a border area, killing about 40 Houthis.

Iran Arabic channel taken off air: Al-Alam's coverage of the war in Yemen including statements from the rebels accusing Saudi Arabia of involvement may also have angered Riyadh, analysts say

33 killed in Pakistan's tribal area operation: At least 28" militants" were killed and five others apprehended during ongoing military operations in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal area in the last 24 hours, an army statement said Thursday.

US Kills 4 In Pakistan: : According to sources, the identity of the injured and killed persons has yet to be ascertained but the wounded men have been rushed to hospital for treatment, the private channel GEO News reported.

More than dozen civilians, one US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: In the southern province of Helmand, villagers brought the bodies of nine civilians to Lashkargah, the capital, claiming they had been killed by a mortar round from occupation forces.

Afghanistan: Children among 9 civilians killed by occupation forces: : Artillery and mortar shelling by the NATO-led international troops killed nine civilians including three children in southern Afghanistan, locals said, quoted by Afghan news agency Pajhwok on Thursday.

British occupation force soldier killed by explosion in Afghanistan: The serviceman, who has not yet been named, was killed in an explosion near Sangin in central Helmand province this morning. His family have been informed.

UN to evacuate staff in Afghanistan: About 600 non-essential workers to be moved temporarily while safer housing is found

Karzai 'corrupt' but 'our guy', French FM tells NYT: “Karzai is corrupt, O.K.,” Mr. Kouchner said, but corruption is endemic in Afghanistan and “he is our guy,” despite being weakened by the recent election marked by fraud. “We have to legitimize him”

US 'spending money to reach Taliban': Washington is ready to spend a huge sum of money to start talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan, a former Pakistani lawmaker says.

Iraq: Two US occupation force soldiers killed in separate incidents: Two American soldiers have been killed in Iraq in separate incidents, the US army said on Thursday. Both soldiers died on Wednesday

Iraq Misses Deadline on Election Law: Iraqi lawmakers failed Thursday to pass an election law, heightening uncertainty over whether next year's parliamentary polls will be delayed.

ElBaradei warns against any Israeli attack on Iran: ElBaradei said he was convinced the Iranians were prepared at one point to stop their enrichment program but that the previous US administration and the European powers missed an opportunity to end the standoff by imposing conditions on Iran that were "impossible to accept".

U.S. dodges UN debate on Goldstone Gaza war crimes report: The United States on Wednesday openly eschewed a United Nations General Assembly debate on a resolution that would call on Israel and the Palestinians to investigate charges of war crimes during the Gaza war detailed in the Goldstone Commission's report.

Israel and Gaza Deserve Better than a Misguided Resolution : Congressman Brian Baird : What will it say about this Congress and our country if we so readily seek to block "any further consideration" of a human rights investigation produced by one of the most respected jurists in the world today: - In my judgment, far from meriting the obstruction called for in H.Res. 867, the Goldstone report is without question worthy of further investigation.

Gideon Levy: The IDF is pushing the media - and Israel - into a war dance: Every few weeks you have to sow fear, every few months you need to make threats, and once every year or two you have to have another little war.

Abbas 'not to seek re-election': Mahmoud Abbas, who heads the Fatah faction in the West Bank, will give a speech later on Thursday explaining his decision not to run.

Palestinian aides: Abbas will not seek re-election: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday he will not seek re-election in a January ballot because of the lack of progress in peace talks with Israel, Palestinian officials said.

UN report finds no evidence of arms smuggling to Lebanon: In the report, Ban wrote that the Lebanese government had not informed the UN of a single incident of weapons smuggling to its territory, whether by land, sea or air.

Honduras de facto leader 'to quit': The panel overseeing a deal to end the four month political crisis in Honduras has said that Roberto Micheletti, the country's interim president, will stand down although it has not given details as to when.

Deal or no deal in Honduras: But the ink was barely dry on the accord when leaders of the coup regime indicated that they had no intention of honouring it. Some of them clearly saw the agreement as just another delaying tactic

The Real Winner in Honduras: The United States?: The US also likely secures another puppet in the region who will be opposed to the progressive social, economic and political reforms being articulated and demanded by the country’s social movements.

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