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News For November 16, 2009

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Free The Forgotten Bird Of Paradise

By John Pilger

When General Suharto, the west’s man, seized power in Indonesia in the mid-1960s, he offered “a gleam of light in Asia”, rejoiced Time magazine. That he had killed up to a million “communists” was of no account in the acquisition of what Richard Nixon called “the richest hoard of natural resources, the greatest prize in South-east Asia”. Continue

Bolivia Re-invents Democratic Socialism

By Judy Rebick

Bolivia is reinventing democractic socialism. They are in the process of creating a plurinational state with equal rights for all nations and people, redistributing land, providing free health and education for everyone, creating what they call a pluri-economy that includes public, private, co-operative and communitarian. Continue

Palestinians Seek UN Endorsement of Statehood

By Anne Barker

Palestinian leaders say they want formal recognition of an independent state based on the pre-1967 borders with Israel, which would give them Gaza, the West Bank, and east Jerusalem as their capital. Continue

Should Palestine Declare Itself a State?

By Max Fisher

"It worked in Kosovo. It worked in Georgia. And it will work in Palestine. There are 192 member states in the United Nations and as many as 150 would recognize the state of Palestine, creating a diplomatic nightmare for Israel and its lonely ally the United States." Continue

Would Israel Accept A State-and-a-half Solution?

By Akiva Eldar

Netanyahu wants to meet with the Palestinian leader and is worried that Abbas will retire and go home. For 16 years, the soft murmur of the "peace process" that has been leading nowhere has drowned out the roar of the bulldozers that are deepening the occupation. What will the Israeli government do if the day after Abbas resigns the Palestinian Legislative Council in Ramallah decides to disperse and dissolve the Palestinian Authority? Continue

Manufacturing a Terror Threat in Latin America

By Cyril Mychalejko

Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) , Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, held a hearing on Oct. 27 to investigate his "serious concerns about expanded Iranian influence in the region.” Engel believes Iran's diplomatic and commercial relations with a number of Latin American countries is a threat to the region's, and more importantly the U.S.´s security and stability. Continue

Shining a Light on the Roots of Terrorism

By Ray McGovern

Rather than mentioning long-held grievances expressed by many Arabs – such as Western intrusion into their region, Washington’s propping-up of autocrats who enrich themselves in deals with multinational oil companies, and Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian territory – Bush told the American people that "the terrorists hate our freedoms." Continue

A Smoking Gun
New Evidence Jack Straw Guilty On Torture

By Craig Murray

Finally I have indisputable documentary evidence that the British government had a positive policy of using intelligence from torture in the War on Terror, and that the policy was personally directed by Jack Straw. Continue

Too Fearful to Publicise Peak Oil Reality

By Madeleine Bunting

The economic establishment accepts the world soon won't be able to meet energy demands, but wants to keep quiet about it. Continue

Climate Rage

By Naomi Klein

The only way to stop global warming is for rich nations to pay for the damage they've done - or face the consequences. Continue

26 more "militants" killed in Swat: Twelve more militants were killed in clashes with security forces in Karakar and Shamozai Gharai while 14 bodies were found dumped in Charbagh’s Gulibagh area in the Swat. Valley on Sunday.

Four killed in Pakistan suicide blast: A suicide car-bomber killed four people today near a Pakistan air force base close to the northwestern city of Peshawar and the Afghan border, a government official said.

Three militants killed by militiamen in Peshawar: Volunteers of the Lashkar (militia) shot dead three veil-clad men near the residence of an anti-Taliban Nazim in Bazidkhel village of Peshawar District .

Pakistan Taliban airs video denial: Attacks that have continued across Pakistani towns and cities are being blamed on Tehreek e-Taliban, Pakistan's Taliban. However, the group has issued its first video statement denying involvement in targeting civilians and has blamed external forces for at least two recent blasts.

12 Afghans Killed in Attack Targeting French Leader: Insurgents fired two rockets Monday into a crowded market northeast of Kabul where the head of French forces in Afghanistan was holding a meeting with tribal elders. The attack killed 12 Afghan civilians and wounded at least another 38, the French military said.

Eight Afghan police killed in Kandahar attack: Suspected Taliban militants stormed a police post and killed up to eight policemen in southern Afghanistan, a senior officer said Monday in the latest attack on the poorly-armed force.

Explosion kills British occupation force soldier in Afghanistan: Member of 33 Engineer Regiment was part of counter-IED task force working to stop insurgent bombs

Germany mulling withdrawal from Afghanistan: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called on Sunday for preliminary work to lay down the foundations of a withdrawal from Afghanistan in the country's next four-year parliamentary term.

Clean up Afghan corruption or lose civilian aid, Clinton warns: "I have made it clear that we're not going to be providing any civilian aid to Afghanistan unless we have a certification that if it goes into the Afghan government in any form, that we're going to have ministries that we can hold accountable," Clinton said.

UK seeking new world order by Afghan war: "I believe that Britain can and must play its full part in changing the world," the British prime minister said Monday.

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms kill 13 anti-al-Qaeda Sunnis: Gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms shot dead 13 members of a Sunni tribe which backed the US fight against al-Qaeda, Iraqi officials said.

Six killed in Kirkuk car bomb blast: - A car bomb exploded in a crowded market place in northern Kirkuk on Monday, killing at least six people and wounding six others, Iraqi police and hospital sources said.

'Commanding officer Jorge Mendonca threatened to blow Iraqi prisoner's head off': A "trigger-happy" former commanding officer of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment pointed his gun at an Iraqi prisoner and threatened to blow the man's face off, an Army abuse inquiry heard today.

Every soldier in unit abused Iraqi prisoners, Mousa inquiry told: Former corporal Donald Payne told the public inquiry into Mr Mousa's death he witnessed Lieutenant Craig Rodgers pretending to set a young detainee alight.

Kuwaiti Company Indicted for Massive Overcharging of United States for Soldiers' Food: All of the charges concern multi-billion dollar contracts issued by the Department of Defense for feeding American troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan.

Iran favors to receipt of West's high grade uranium first: Iranian president's senior advisor Parviz Davoudi said Monday that Iran favors to receive West's high grade uranium first and then send its domestically enriched low grade uranium abroad, the official IRNA news agency reported.

IAEA: New Iran plant raises question about other sites: Iran informed the Vienna-based IAEA in September that it has been constructing an additional uranium enrichment plant in Fordu, 20 kilometres north of the city of Qom. The plant is set to become operational in 2011.

Iran's Parliament Speaker Blasts US Actions: Speaker Larijani said after a year of U.S. President Barack Obama's speeches and slogans, it is a "disgrace" the U.S. president's actions are the same as his predecessor.

Reports: Iran's Russian Reactor Startup Delayed: Russian news agencies are reporting the reactor at a nuclear power plant that Russia is building in Iran will not be switched on this year as planned

Russia will never complete nuclear plant, says Iranian spokesman : "The Russians have never told us the truth and just followed their own interests - the Bushehr power plant will never be completed by Russia," Mahmoud Ahmadi-Biqash, spokesman of the parliamentary foreign policy and security commission, said.

US behind Saudi bombing of Shiite Yemenis: Iran: Ali Larijani, the speaker of Iran’s parliament, on Sunday accused Tehran’s arch-foe Washington of masterminding Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Shiite Yemeni rebels, parliament’s website reported.

Yemen says Iran funding rebels: "The Houthis cannot fund and fight this war with pomegranates and grapes or drugs," he said. "No doubt there is Iranian support, especially when you consider that the Yemeni state is spending billions of riyals."

Israel could annex more of West Bank: Minister: Israel warned the Palestinians on Monday that declaring a state without concluding a peace agreement would lead to Israeli counter-measures that could include annexation of more of the occupied West Bank.

Netanyahu seeks to foil Palestinian declaration of statehood, again: "We have prevented a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly announced. That was on May 4, 1999, the deadline set by the Oslo Accords for the end of the interim period and the beginning of the final peace agreement.

Israel threatens to annex more Palestinian land: Israel has threatened to annex more land in the occupied West Bank, should Palestinians declare statehood without concluding a peace agreement.

The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn't last a day on its own': While Palestinian officials continued to threaten Sunday to unilaterally declare independence, one senior Israeli defense official summed up the growing assessment in the defense establishment by saying, "Just let them try."

Israel gaffe reveals 'Iran ship photos' were forged: "The Israeli regime has made a fool of itself with regards to what it claims to be evidence that Iran was sending weapons to Hezbollah," IRNA news agency said on Monday

Mutiny?: IDF troops hang sign at base: We won't evacuate settlers: A number of Israel Defense Forces from the Nachshon Battalion on Monday hung a sign at their basis proclaiming that their unit would refuse to evacuate Israelis from West Bank settlements.

10-year-old Palestinian boy jailed for 11 hours: "There were two soldiers there who beat me in the legs with a club. After that, they took me to Ariel," the boy told Ynet the day after his arrest.

Ogaden: Seven Ethiopian towns taken: "The operation involved thousands of ONLF troops and resulted in two days of heavy fighting. A significant number of Ethiopian troops have been killed and their military hardware captured or destroyed," it said.

Fort Huachuca: Crossing the line to halt US torture: Human rights activists protesting torture being carried out by the United States marched to the main gate at Fort Huachuca Army Intelligence Center. Five crossed into the base and were taken into custody on Nov. 15.

Muslims in U.S. Military? : 47% Of adults in the United States unsure if Muslims should be allowed to serve in their country’s military, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion.

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