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News For November 06, 2009

Hollow Victory

By John Mearsheimer

According to the Republicans, the United States is once again at the crossroads of losing another critical war because of feckless Democrats. Only this time it's Afghanistan. Continue

Breaking the Australian Silence

By John Pilger

In a speech at the Sydney Opera House to mark his award of Australia's human rights prize, the Sydney Peace Prize, John Pilger describes the "unique features" of a political silence in Australia: how it affects the national life of his homeland and the way Australians see the world and are manipulated by great power "which speaks through an invisible government of propaganda". Continue

The Evil Empire

By Paul Craig Roberts

Obama’s credibility is shot. And so is Congress’s, assuming it ever had any. The US House of Representatives has just voted to show the entire world that the US House of Representatives is nothing but the servile, venal, puppet of the Israel Lobby. Continue

U.N. Affirms Israeli-Hamas War Crimes Report

By Thalif Deen

The report, which was favourably voted by the 47-member Human Rights Council in Geneva last month, received overwhelming support Thursday in the 192-member General Assembly. The vote was 114 in favour and 18 against, with 44 abstentions. The 18 countries that voted against the resolution included the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Israel. Continue

Goldstone and Gaza

By Jimmy Carter

Knowing of the ability of Israeli forces, often using U.S. weapons, to strike targets with pinpoint accuracy, it was difficult to understand or explain the destruction of hospitals, schools, prisons, United Nations facilities, small factories and repair shops, agricultural processing plants and almost 40,000 homes. Continue

The Real Intelligence Failure

By Philip Giraldi

United States intelligence agencies, most notably the CIA, have failed to appreciate that both the Cold War and the so-called Global War on Terror were fought in error against enemies that were deliberately distorted and magnified to create fear. Continue

Horror at Fort Hood Inspires Horribly Predictable Islamophobia

By John Nichols

Because a soldier identified as the gunman had a name that led to the presumption that he was Muslim, the incident inspired an all-too-predictable outbreak of Islamophobia. Continue

Can You Hear Us Now?

By David Michael Green

Where we go from here could be very, very ugly. The GOP right now is in the process of alienating and crushing every last scrap of moderately sensible politics from within its ranks. Continue

Credit Card Firms Hurry to Raise Rates

Some top 30% as new rules loom

By Megan Woolhouse

Credit card companies are rushing to increase interest rates to historic highs of more than 30 percent, cut credit limits, and add new fees, even for customers who pay their bills on time. Continue

Nine civilians, US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan: An overnight airstrike by international forces killed nine civilians, including three children, said villagers on Thursday. Afghan authorities said they had no reports of civilian deaths.

Three occupation force soldiers killed in Afghan attacks: Two US soldiers were among those who died in the attacks, which took place in the south of the country on Thursday, ISAF said, without giving details of the third victim.

Two NATO-Led Force Members Missing in Afghanistan: The Taliban later said they are holding the soldiers’ bodies, the British Broadcasting Corp. said, citing Reuters.

Taliban: 'We've Got Drowned Troops' Bodies': The claim comes as Nato revealed a manhunt was under way to find two Nato troops missing in western Afghanistan since Wednesday.

US Fed Up With Troops Dying to Prop Up Karzai: It seems that Hamid Karzai just can't be trusted on his own.

Rep. Eric Massa calls for a conclusion to the war in Afghanistan: On the 2950th day of the War in Afghanistan, Rep. Eric Massa went to the floor of the House of Representatives and called for an end.

Australia: No more troops, Faulkner tells US: Australia has made it clear to the US it is not in a position to increase troop or training commitments in Afghanistan if the Obama Administration decides to add to its troop levels in response to General Stanley McChrystal's report, the Defence Minister, John Faulkner, said in Washington.

Powerful Afghan Governor Challenges President: Defiant Former Warlord With Popular Backing and Armed Supporters Demands a Say for Karzai's Defeated Rival Abdullah

Afghan war 'controls immigration': Removing troops from Afghanistan would "significantly increase" the number of asylum seekers coming to the UK, the immigration minister has said.

Pakistan: Seven militants killed in fresh South Waziristan clashes: The Pakistani army has reached the strategically crucial Taliban stronghold of Makeen, Pakistani daily DawnNews reported on Friday. As battles continued across South Waziristan, the Pakistani army claimed to have killed seven militants in clashes around Ladha and Sararogha.

Pakistan: Two suspected suicide bombers killed in Mansehra: On a tip off, police was deployed at the entry point to Balakot, SHO Balakot police Khursheed Khan told DawnNews. When a suspected car entering the district was intercepted, the bombers present in it opened fire, Khan said.

Pakistan army 'storms Taliban town': The operation in South Waziristan, the main Taliban and al-Qaeda sanctuary in Pakistan, has sparked a wave of retaliatory attacks that have killed about 300 civilians and troops in the past month.

Mukhtar hints at military operation in N Waziristan: A military operation will also be conducted in North Waziristan after the completion of Operation Rah-e-Nijat, Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar said on Thursday.

Fort Hood shooting update: Suspect Nidal Hassan is alive, stable: Of course, the wingnuts -- led by Michelle Malkin and Pam Geller -- are going ape in their campaign to paint this as a terrorist attack by a Muslim jihadi.

Investigators seek motive for base massacre: An Army psychiatrist suspected of opening fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood cleaned out his apartment in the days before the rampage that left 13 people dead, a neighbor said Friday.

Counter-terror plans will be revised to reflect Fort Hood and Afghan attacks: A soldier turning on his comrades at Fort Hood, an Afghan policeman killing the British soldiers who trained him - two uncannily similar events in two days, but incidents which, across the Western world, security authorities have been planning for and dreading.

Religious outrage over Iraqi MP expenses: Religious outrage over Iraqi MP expenses: Iraq's presidential council, which normally rubber stamps legislation, earlier this week said it twice opposed moves by MPs to secure the perks but had been powerless to stop the law from passing at its third reading.

Deputy FM: Israel threat to attack Iran is not bluff: Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has said that Israel is not bluffing in its threats to take military action against Iran's contentious nuclear program, in remarks broadcast Friday on Sky News.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design – secret report: : Watchdog fears Tehran has key component to put bombs in missiles

IAEA: We found 'nothing to worry about' at secret Iran nuke site: Mohammed ElBaradei also told the New York Times that he was examining possible compromises to unblock a draft nuclear cooperation deal between Iran and three major powers that has floundered over Iranian objections.

Iran cleric: IAEA obligated to supply Iran nuclear fuel: The United Nations nuclear watchdog is legally obliged to provide Iran with nuclear fuel for its research reactor without setting any conditions, a "hardline" Iranian cleric told worshippers on Friday.

Lieberman satisfied with UN vote on Goldstone war crimes report: "On the whole, we are satisfied with the fact that 18 countries, which are a moral majority, supported Israel's stance and 44 abstained and did not vote with the automatic majority," he said.

Report: U.S. stopped Israel from attacking ship: Hezbollah has vehemently denied any link to the weapons and denounced "Israeli piracy" in international waters.

Supporters urge Abbas to run again: "I have told our brethren in the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organisation] ... that I have no desire to run in the forthcoming election," he said in a speech broadcast live from his headquarters in Ramallah on Thursday.

Zelaya: Power-sharing deal dead: : Honduras's deposed president says that a US-brokered agreement has failed to end the country's political crisis. Manuel Zelaya made the announcement on Friday after a deadline for forming a unity government passed.

U.S. Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%, Highest in 26 Years: “The guy on the street is going to ask, ‘What recovery?’ ” said Stuart G. Hoffman, chief economist at the PNC Financial Services Group in Pittsburgh. “The job market is still in reverse.”

Obama signs bill to extend unemployment benefits: It doesn’t help people who will run out of benefits in 2010 – though Congress is expected to come back and pass legislation this year that extends that eligibility window into next year.

Fannie Mae seeks $15B more in government aid after 3Q loss: The government-controlled company continued to see a dramatic surge of borrowers fall behind as the unemployment rate climbs. At the end of last month, about 4.7% of Fannie Mae's borrowers had missed at least three payments. That's nearly triple last year's level.

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