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News For November 25, 2009

Afghanistan Is A "War Of National Resistance": Former CIA Agent

By Robert Baer

"The people that want their country liberated from the West have nothing to do with Al Qaeda," Baer says. "They simply want us gone because we're foreigners, and they're rallying behind the Taliban because the Taliban are experienced, effective fighters." Continue

Are Some Democrats Getting a Spine?

Editors Pick

Some Democrats are proposing, in the same way that we have to find the money for social programs, that if we want to continue and or escalate the war, we should find the money to pay for war. Continue

Get Ready for the Obama/GOP Alliance

By Jeff Cohen

With President Obama pushing a huge troop escalation in Afghanistan, history may well repeat itself with a vengeance. And it's not just the apt comparison to LBJ, who destroyed his presidency on the battlefields of Vietnam with an escalation that delivered power to Nixon and the GOP. Continue

Obama: Profile in Courage, or Cave-In?

By Ray McGovern

The 46th anniversary of John Kennedy's assassination passed by last Sunday virtually unnoticed. The unfortunate thing is this: his legacy on Vietnam is so widely misunderstood that it is easy to miss the relevance of his decision making in the early Sixties to the dilemma faced by President Barack Obama today as he decides whether to stand up to-or cave in to-the Pentagon's plans for escalating another misbegotten war in Afghanistan. Continue

The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Show Trial

By J.R. Dunn

AG Eric Holder's statement that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will remain in custody no matter the verdict in his upcoming Manhattan trial coupled with Obama's instructions to the jury that KSM be "convicted and executed" reveals the entire exercise as a show trial. Continue

Returning To A Secret Country

By John Pilger

I remember the boys dressed in army surplus, the girls in hessian, their silhouettes framed in beach shanties, staring across an abyss. You were not meant to talk about them. They were not counted in the census, unlike the sheep, and anyway were dirty and feckless and dying off. Continue

God Has Left The Building

By Sheila Samples

Anyone who has paid attention to the growing number of evangelical zealots over the past couple of decades must be aware that there is a growing chasm between Religion and Christianity. Today, the term, "religious Christians" is nothing if not oxymoronic. Continue

The Palin Paradox
Rehabilitating a Vengeful Rogue Going P.T. Barnum

By Robert S. Becker

Palin’s circus obeys Barnum’s model, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Continue

A Dearth of Hypocrisy

By James Rothenberg

President Obama has been under media fire for kowtowing to China on his visit there, specifically for not publicly mentioning the host country’s human rights record. No wonder! Hypocrisy is the favored tool in foreign policy diplomacy, and here the President failed to utilize it. He gave it a day off. Continue

Still Doing God’s Work on Wall Street

By Robert Scheer

Is anyone ever going to be held accountable for the behind-the-scenes sweetheart deals that passed tens of billions of taxpayer dollars through the AIG shell game to the very banks that caused the financial meltdown? Or for the many other acts of double-dealing that left one out of three American homeowners owing much more than their houses were worth while the folks who swindled them were rewarded with hundreds of billions in public money? Continue

In Case We Missed It
In Debt We Trust

America Before the Bubble Bursts

By Danny Schechte

Why so many Americans are being strangled by debt. It is a journalistic confrontation with what former Reagan advisor Kevin Phillips calls "Financialization"--the "powerful emergence of a debt-and-credit industrial complex." Continue

39 "militants" killed in different areas of South Waziristan: Thirty-nine militants were killed by security forces in different areas of South Waziristan and Orakzai tribal regions and the adjacent Hangu district on Tuesday.

Taliban fighters escape Pakistani offensive, but to where?: Though the army has extended its reach and now controls much of the former Taliban fiefdom in South Waziristan , the threat that was supposed to be extinguished seems likely to persist.

Danish occupation force soldier killed in southern Afghanistan: The Army Operational Command says the 23-year-old member of a Danish scouting unit was flown to a field hospital for treatment following the Wednesday blast but was dead upon arrival.

Obama to announce Afghan plan Tuesday: In what will be the defining moment of Obama's young presidency, he is widely expected to send some 34,000 more troops into battle to try and quell an increasingly fierce Taliban insurgency.

Afghan Army Turnover Rate Threatens U.S. War Plans: One in every four combat soldiers quit the Afghan National Army (ANA) during the year ending in September, published data by the U.S. Defence Department and the Inspector General for Reconstruction in Afghanistan reveals.

Obama's delay over Afghanistan is hitting UK support for the occupation, says UK. Defence Secretary: The Defence Secretary said that as well as the “period of hiatus” in Washington, the deaths of British troops and the disputed Afghan elections had also played a part.

US lawmakers: New tax should pay for Afghan occupation: Influential US lawmakers on Thursday called for levying a new income tax to pay for the war in Afghanistan, warning its costs pose a mortal threat to efforts like a sweeping health care overhaul.

Mullah Omar rejects Karzai’s call for peace talks: ‘The people of Afghanistan will not agree to negotiation which prolongs and legitimises the invader’s military presence in our beloved country. Afghanistan is our home,’ a Taliban statement quoted Omar as saying.

Family of six among 11 killed in fresh Iraq violence: Men wearing the uniforms of Iraqi security forces burst into the family's home in the district of al-Tarmiya, north of Baghdad, early on Wednesday morning, and killed them all, Iraq's Yaqin News Agency reported.

The children of Falluja: Video: Doctors are dealing with an increase in chronic deformities in infants in Falluja, where heavy munitions were used in 2004

Blair told Saddam had no chemical weapons 10 days before invasion: Meanwhile, the inquiry heard that evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq was "pretty sparse.

Iraq inquiry: Britain rejected regime change as illegal in 2001: British officials discussed toppling Saddam Hussein in 2001 but rejected a policy of “regime change” as illegal under international law, the Iraq war inquiry has heard.

'Cruel, illegal, immoral': Human Rights Watch condemns UK's role in torture: One of the world's leading human rights organisations said there was clear evidence of the UK government's involvement in the torture of its own citizens.

Inside Israeli jails, the real victims of a cry for justice: Amid the growing media fever over a possible prisoner swap involving the release of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held by Hamas, another young captive has a less visible public profile – but personifies Israel’s chokehold on Palestinian self-expression.

US trying to 'trick' Iran over nuke deal: Larijani: The conservative who was Tehran's former chief nuclear negotiator also said Iranians must avoid falling prey to US "smiles" as the Americans carry "hidden daggers."

S-300 missile deliveries to Iran under review - Russian official: "The issue of S-300 deliveries [to Iran] is still under discussion. There are some technical and other problems," said Konstantin Biryulin, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

Iran calls for end to Yemeni fighting: The parties involved in the conflict in Yemen should end their fight through peaceful dialogue, Iranian Foreign Ministry officials said.

Lynne Stewart: Casualty of the 'War on Terror': The clear message of the 125-page majority appellate panel opinion is that attorneys who zealously represent their clients in the post-9/11 era beware.

Obama administration will not sign land mine ban: A report this month by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines found that mines remain planted in the earth in more than 70 countries and killed at least 1,266 people and wounded 3,891 last year.

IMF warns second bailout would 'threaten democracy': The public will not bail out the financial services sector for a second time if another global crisis blows up in four or five years time, the managing-director of the International Monetary Fund warned this morning.

China banks' rush for billions could trip markets: Chinese banks, under government pressure to shore up their finances, are set to unleash a wave of billions of dollars in capital raising that could strain equity markets but also spur innovation in debt instruments.

Bank 'problem' list climbs to 552: Number at risk of failing soars in latest quarter. Deposit insurance fund slips into the red for first time since 1992.

FDIC insurance fund closes quarter $8.2 billion in debt: As the number of problem U.S. banks swells to the hundreds, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is increasingly hard-pressed to fill in the gaps where institutions have put depositor's funds at risk.

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