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News For November 26, 2009

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran
'US Warned China That Israel Could Bomb Iran'

By staff and ap

Two senior officials from the White House, Dennis Ross and Jeffrey Bader, made a trip to China on a "special mission" to garner support in Beijing over the Iranian nuclear program, according to a Thursday report in The Washington Post. The officials visited China two weeks before US President Barack Obama arrived in Beijing. Continue

Blair and Bush 'Agreed' on Iraq Regime Change in 2002

By Nicola Boden

Bush and Blair agreement 'signed in blood' in April 2002 - PM publicly speaks of regime change just 24 hours later - Condoleeza Rice mentioned Saddam Hussein on 9/11 - British support 'taken for granted' because of Blair. Continue

Obama's Fifth Category: The "Untriable"

By William Fisher,

The assertion that there are 75 detainees who are too dangerous to release, but can't be prosecuted, and therefore must be held indefinitely, defies common sense. Continue

Soaring Unemployment and Double-dip Recession?
Blame N.W.O. Larry

By Mike Whitney

Summers assignment is to bring the broader economy to its knees; to crush big labor by keeping unemployment high, to force state and local and governments to privatize more public assets and services, and to generate as much human misery as possible. Continue

A Surge in Demands on the Government for Jobs

By Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer

The banks have been lobbying intensely for their own interests, and their efforts have been met with stunning success. We working people need to mount a campaign to pressure the government to respond our needs. Continue

A Jane Goodall Thanksgiving

By Michael Winship

Give thanks. Because this isn't one of those Thanksgiving lists of things for which we should be grateful -- although health, family, friends, laughter, etc., would certainly all be on mine.And Jane Goodall. Continue

Pakistan: Ten militants killed in South Waziristan: Official sources said security forces and militants clashed in an area between Asman Manza Nand, Ladha Tehsil, leaving three militants dead and eight others injured. Security forces also fired artillery from Asman Manza at the hideouts of the militants at the Mushta area.

US firm 'runs covert Pakistan ops': A new report has accused the US private security firm formerly known as Blackwater of operating a covert assassination and kidnapping programme against suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda members in northwest Pakistan.

8 Taliban militants killed in E Afghanistan: "A group of Taliban militants attacked Afghan National Army (ANA) convoy in Sarhawza district late Wednesday," Hamidullah Jawak told Xinhua.

Afghanistan: A Taliban Message: The leader of Afghanistan’s Taliban has ruled out talks with President Hamid Karzai and called on Afghans to break off relations with his “stooge” administration. In a statement, the Taliban’s leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, also insisted that foreign troops were losing the war in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: German general fired over air strike that killed civilians: General Wolfgang Schneiderhan, one of Germany's top commanders, has been fired after he allegedly withheld details of an air strike that killed Afghan civilians in September.

‘12 killed’ as north Yemen battles rage: The casualties were inflicted in fighting between members of the Popular Army of pro-government volunteers and rebels in Malahidh, the source said, without giving a date.

Five killed in protest in Yemen: Five Yemenis died when security forces clashed with southern separatists on Wednesday, as southerners began more protests against a government already facing a revolt in the north

Houthis hit 'intruding' Saudi tanks: The fighters said on Thursday the Saudi military continued to attack positions within the Yemeni borders, saying the Saudi forces had fired more than 500 rockets on several cities in the northern Sa'adah province

Saudi Arabia denies military entered Yemen to hit rebels: A senior defence ministry official said media reports that Saudi forces had attacked the rebels inside Yemen were “lies” and “fabrications,” state news agency SPA reported early yesterday.

Yemen Sees ‘Mounting Evidence’ Iran Is Arming Rebels: Yemen, a U.S. ally, has steered clear of directly accusing Iran’s government of providing weapons to the insurgents

Foreign intervention in Yemen? : Is a local insurrection turning into a war between the region's strongest powers? Are we seeing the birth of another proxy war in the Middle East? and who is likely to come out on top?

Another Bloody day of US occupation : At least four killed, 36 injured in fresh Iraq violence: The three bombs struck at different neighbourhoods around the city, killing at least two people and wounding at least 12 others, the news agency reported.

Secret report: Blair misled public throughout 2002: Blair misled public throughout 2002Tony Blair covered up British military plans for a full Iraq invasion throughout 2002, claiming at the time that Britain's objective was "disarmament, not regime change." This and many other damning details are revealed in hundreds of pages of secret government reports obtained by The Sunday Telegraph

The key question – is Blair a war criminal?: When Bush tried to persuade President Chirac to go to war, Bush compared Saddam Hussein with Gog and Magog, obscure legendary figures named in the book of Ezekiel as enemies of the people of Israel. This sounds like a joke, but seems to be true.

Ex-envoy was 'antisemitic' on Iraq: Sir Oliver wrote in the Independent on Sunday that he was concerned that two out of five of the Iraq War inquiry committee members were Jewish, and questioned the balance of the committee.

Occupiers, root of terrorism: Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei: "The Middle East and North Africa were once colonized and humiliated for more than a century by the Western governments of Britain and France and subsequently by America; their natural reserves were plundered, their free spirit was trodden upon and their nations were taken hostage," the Leader added.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran: Pressure mounts on Iran at ElBaradei's final IAEA board: Pressure mounted on Iran Thursday at a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, with six world powers aiming for a resolution that would censure Tehran for secretly building a new nuclear site.

Iran: new resolution will 'damage' IAEA cooperation: Iran has warned that a resolution against its nuclear program will 'jeopardize' the constructive atmosphere of its cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog

Iran warned over nuclear 'dead end' by UN's El Baradei: Investigations into Iran's nuclear programme will reach a "dead end" unless Tehran starts to co-operate, the UN nuclear chief has warned.

Iran Guards see US pressure on Russia over missiles: Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards yesterday blamed US and Israeli pressure on Russia for Moscow’s delay in delivering an advanced missile defence system to the Islamic Republic, a semi-official news agency reported.

Lebanon agrees Hezbollah right to arms: Lebanon's new cabinet has agreed to acknowledge the Islamic Hezbollah movement's right to use armed resistance against the Israeli acts of hostility.

Iran's Ahmadinejad, Venezuela's Chavez Denounce US 'Imperialism': Mr. Chavez also denounced U.S. ally Israel as a "murderous arm of the Yankee empire," in his words. He rebuked Israel's president for predicting Venezuelans and Iranians will make their leaders disappear. Mr. Chavez said he views Shimon Peres' recent comment as a threat.

Obama writes to Brazil's Lula about Iran, Honduras: US President Barack Obama wrote a letter to his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to express his concern about the situation in Iran and Honduras, officials said Wednesday. The letter was sent Sunday, a day before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Brazil on the first leg of a South American tour that will also take him to Bolivia and Venezuela.

U.S. Policy on Honduras Puts Latin Ties at Risk, Brazilian Says: The United States risks souring relations with much of Latin America if it recognizes a presidential election in Honduras on Sunday, the foreign policy adviser to President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva of Brazil said in an interview on Wednesday.

U.S. praises Netanyahu plan: 10-month moratorium on new settlements in West Bank announced

Palestinian official described Israel's proposal as mere "propaganda".: He said that the temporary settlement suspension offer by Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, was aimed more towards appeasing the Americans than trying to reconcile with the Palestinians

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