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News For November 22, 2009

Obama’s Extra-judicial Killers

By Nat Hentoff

“Many national security experts interviewed for this story agree that it has become so hard for the U.S. to detain people that in many instances, the U.S. government is killing them instead.” Continue

Should Obama Fire Gen. McChrystal?

By Ray McGovern

It is not too late for President Barack Obama to follow the example of Harry Truman, who fired Gen. Douglas McArthur in 1951 for insubordination. Then, as now, the stakes were high. Then it was Korea; now it is Afghanistan. No more slaps on the wrist for Gen. Stanley McChrystal. In my view, Commander-in-Chief Obama should fire him for cause. Continue

Adventurism, Opportunism, and Recklessness
Saudi Arabia’s Attack on Yemen

By Rannie Amiri

The Saudi attack on northern Yemen is the epitome of military adventurism and opportunism. It allows them to use – for the first time – advanced weapons purchased from the United States against an ill-equipped band of rebels in the midst of a destitute, malnourished, and displaced population. Continue

As the Light onto the Nations

By Gilad Atzmon

Israel is the light onto the nations’ says the Torah. Indeed it is, and not just because the Torah says so. Israel is ahead of everyone else in many fronts. Take for instance, terrorizing civilian populations and practicing some of the most devastating murderous tactics upon elders, women and young. Continue

Legalizing Treason
Are Hate Crime Laws A Threat To Liberty?

By Jeff Gates

Winning wars in the Information Age largely depends on winning the battle for public opinion. Thus the opinion-shaping role of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when it attacked a high profile California professor for his criticism of Israeli policy in Palestine. Continue

As US Debt Tops $12 Trillion, Obama Calls for Austerity

By Bill Van Auken

That the US debt is unsustainable is beyond question. According to the Treasury Department, Washington was compelled to pay $383 billion over the course of the last fiscal year just in interest on the public debt. Given that total revenues from individual federal income taxes amount to $904 billion, 40 cents out of every dollar paid by US taxpayers is going to service the debt. Continue

U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup To Wipe Out National Debt

Video By The Onion

Congress says that with no way to actually pay back our debts, faking a coup to eliminate financial obligations is the best plan for the U.S. economy. Continue

Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform


Even as drug makers promise to support Washington’s health care overhaul by shaving $8 billion a year off the nation’s drug costs after the legislation takes effect, the industry has been raising its prices at the fastest rate in years. In the last year, the industry has raised the wholesale prices of brand-name prescription drugs by about 9 percent, according to industry analysts. That will add more than $10 billion to the nation’s drug bill, which is on track to exceed $300 billion this year. Continue


Economic Meltdown -- A Call for Systemic Change

By John Perkins

We have been hoodwinked into believing that a mutant form of capitalism espoused by Milton Friedman and promoted by President Reagan and every president since - one that has resulted in a world where less than 5% of us (in the United States) consume more than 25% of the resources and nearly half the rest live in poverty - is acceptable. Continue

A Show About Nothing:
The Placeholder Presidency of Barack Obama

By David Michael Green

It’s hard work putting on a show about nothing, lemme tell ya! Think of all the liberal judges they failed to appoint just today alone! Think of all the prisoners they haven’t transferred from Guantánamo! Think of all the egg they have to wipe off their faces as they get spanked by Israeli prime ministers, Big Pharma CEOs and punky members of their own party alike! Continue

Forced Labour and Rape, the New Face of Slavery in America

By Paul Harris in Dayton, Ohio

In the Midwestern heartland, police are encountering a new social evil: trafficking, often involving women and children who are forced to work as prostitutes or unpaid labour; and the outcomes can be brutal. Continue

Pakistan: 24 rebels KILLED in Khyber, Bajaur, Waziristan : Security forces repulsed the militants attacks in Gandu checkpost killing eight rebels, in Rah-e-Nijat operation five insurgents were shot dead while five more were killed in Ladha and six more were killed at Nawagai and Mamoond tehsil.

Five militants, soldier killed in Waziristan operation: Five more militants and a soldier have been killed during the ongoing military operation in South Waziristan tribal agency which borders Afghanistan, the Pakistani military said on Sunday.

US kills 11 people in Pakistan:The US drone attacked twice North Waziristan leaving 11 dead and many injured on Friday.

CIA assisting terrorism in Pakistan. Evidence presented: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha presented the evidences to Leon Panetta, who called on him during his two-day visit to Islamabad.

23 Taliban killed in separate clashes in Afghanistan: Eleven Taliban died during an operation in Zahri district in southern Kandahar province, deputy provincial police chief Fazal Ahmad Shirzad told AFP, adding the Taliban bodies were left at the scene.

Five Afghan border guards killed by roadside bomb: Five Afghan border guards were killed when a roadside bomb blast hit their patrol in the troubled southern province of Kandahar Sunday, police said.

Gunmen shoot dead intelligence serviceman in S Afghanistan: Unknown armed men gunned down a service member of intelligence service in Taliban birthplace Kandahar south of Afghanistan Sunday, a private television channel reported.

US enlists allies in new surge: Afghanistan: Estimates from US and European sources place potential troop contributions from NATO allies from 3,000 to 7,000, while Washington would send in between 10,000 to 40,000 troops. It cited unnamed US officials as saying a combination of combat troops and training forces totaling 35,000 has gained the most momentum within the White House.

Gates says Afghan surge could happen swiftly: Defense Secretary Robert Gates said any new U.S. forces President Barack Obama sends to Afghanistan could move into the country swiftly, despite logistical hassles that force almost all major deliveries of troops and supplies to go by air.

Afghanistan announces army upgrade: Afghanistan's defence ministry has unveiled plans to expand the national army's size three-fold - a move that will bring the total troop level to 240,000.

McCain predicts success in Afghanistan in 12-18 months: "I am absolutely convinced and totally confident that with sufficient resources we can turn the situation around," McCain told reporters at an international defense summit in easternmost Canada.

US's Pelosi calls Afghan Karzai "unworthy partner": Afghan President Hamid Karzai is an "unworthy partner" who does not deserve a big boost either in U.S. troops or civilian aid, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

Afghanistan is world’s worst place to be born: UN: Eight years after a US-led invasion ousted the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, the war-ravaged state is the most dangerous place in the world for a child to be born, the United Nations said.

6 Killed as deadly blasts hit India's northeast: Six people died after two blasts went off within minutes of each other on Sunday outside a police station in Nalbari, a town near the state capital, Gauhati, a local police official said.

Suicide bomber kills Iraqi policeman, injures eight: A man detonated explosives packed into his car as he approached a police checkpoint north of the western Iraqi city of Falluja Sunday, killing a policeman, authorities said.

Iraq report: Secret papers reveal blunders and concealment: The “appalling” errors that contributed to Britain’s failure in Iraq are disclosed in the most detailed and damning set of leaks to emerge on the conflict.

Army faces inquiry over ‘Battle of Danny Boy’ torture claims : Evidence indicating torture and mutilation allegedly includes close-range bullet wounds, the removal of eyes and stab wounds, human rights lawyers have claimed.

Inquiry into 'rape and torture' by UK troops as Iraqis' lawyer claims 32 cases are tip of the iceberg: One Iraqi man alleges two British soldiers raped him, while others say they were striped naked, abused and photographed.

Hamas: All Gaza militant groups agree to halt rocket attacks: Hamas announced Saturday evening that it has reached an agreement with other militant groups in Gaza to stop firing rockets at southern Israeli towns to prevent retaliatory attacks.

Israeli planes bomb Gaza: Israel Air Force planes carried out strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip early Sunday, injuring five Palestinians, medical workers said.

Hamas armed wing vows to respond to Gaza strikes: The military wing of Islamic Hamas movement on Sunday vowed to respond to a series of Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning in which around 10 Palestinians were wounded.

Lula urges Israel settlement freeze: Brazil's president has called for an immediate end to Israeli settlement construction on Palestinian territory, following a meeting with his visiting Palestinian counterpart.

Jewish directors challenge Israel: Defamation is a polemic by Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir. In his expose of America's Anti-Defamation League (ADL), he claims anti-Semitism is being exaggerated for political purposes. He argues that American Jewish leaders travel around the world exploiting the memory of the Holocaust to silence criticism of Israel.

Iran wants guarantees over nuclear fuel supply: Iran's envoy to the UN atomic watchdog, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, insisted on Sunday that Tehran needs guarantees that it will receive nuclear fuel on time for its research reactor.

Iran begins war games to protect nuclear sites: - Iran on Sunday began large-scale air defense war games aimed at protecting the country's nuclear facilities against any possible attack, state television reported. It said the five-day drill will cover an area a third of the size of Iran and spread across the central, western and southern parts of the country.

The Folly of Attacking Iran: Lessons from History: 6 Minute Video: "We had a democracy here, until America came over and crushed it"

US government wouldn't lie to start a war with Iran, would they? A look at the conservative history

Conflict deepens crisis in Yemen: Thousands displaced, many going hungry in region's poorest nation

StratCom commander: New nukes needed: The military’s top officer in charge of nuclear weapons issued a warning Thursday about the state of the nation’s nuclear programs, saying that new nuclear weapons need to be developed and lamenting the declining numbers of nuclear experts and scientists.

Britain knew CIA tortured detainee: Britain knew that American agents were using barbaric torture techniques on terror suspects, including British resident Binyam Mohamed, it emerged yesterday. Secret reports sent between MI5 and the CIA in 2002 reveal that the American security services were using torture practices which included waterboarding, facial slaps and stress positions.

In case you missed it: : How US trained butchers of Timor: The US programme, codenamed 'Iron Balance', was hidden from legislators and the public

Don't Fund Honduras Coup Regime: A recent statement released by Sen. Lugar's office states that the State Department plans to to fund election observer missions of the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for the November 29 Honduras election. If the US sends election observers before President Zelaya is restored, it would prepare the ground for recognizing the coup regime and its election as legitimate, putting the U.S. at odds with the rest of the hemisphere. Funding election observers is part of a strategy to legitimize the coup.

Note said Hood-style shooting could happen: “The note said ‘tell the commanding general to call off all charges or there will be a re-enactment of Fort Hood,’ ” the witness told Army Times. He spoke on condition he wouldn’t be identified.

Climategate: how the MSM reported the greatest scandal in modern science : In the case of “Climate Change”, the MSM has been caught with its trousers down. The reason it has been so ill-equipped to report on this scandal is because almost all of its Environmental Correspondents and Environmental Editors are parti pris members of the Climate-Fear Promotion lobby

Unborn children for sale in S Korea: For four months, Al Jazeera surfed community boards on popular Korean internet sites, and found an underground trade where pregnant women can sell their unborn children.

Argentina's child-snatching plague: Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from Argentina's impoverished northeast province of Misiones, which is seeing a growing trade in newborn babies.

US couple plead guilty to spying for Cuba over 30 years: An elderly US couple charged with spying for Cuba for almost 30 years have pleaded guilty, with the husband agreeing to serve a life sentence, the US Justice Department said.

Free Lynne Stewart: Lynne Stewart was sent to prison today. People throughout the United States and around the world recognize this as a great miscarriage of justice.

Jobless Rate Up in 29 States, Hitting Records in 4 of Them: Joblessness rose in 29 states last month compared with 22 in September, the agency said in a monthly state breakdown. Michigan had the highest jobless rate at 15.1 percent, followed by Nevada at 13 percent and Rhode Island at 12.9 percent.

California Was Among States With Record Unemployment: : Joblessness rose in 29 U.S. states last month compared with 22 in September, the Labor Department said today in Washington. Michigan had the highest jobless rate at 15.1 percent, followed by Nevada at 13 percent and Rhode Island at 12.9 percent.

The worst is yet to come: Unemployed Americans should hunker down for more job losses: Think the worst is over? Wrong. Conditions in the U.S. labor markets are awful and worsening. While the official unemployment rate is already 10.2% and another 200,000 jobs were lost in October, when you include discouraged workers and partially employed workers the figure is a whopping 17.5%.

Shareholders demand Goldman bonuses: Investment bank under fire again as investors protest at record bonuses of $717,000 each

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