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Global Warfare
U.S. Military Operations in All Major Regions of the World

By Rick_Rozoff

Not only does one country account for the overwhelming plurality of world military expenditures, but that nation also has troops and bases on all six habitable continents (as well as a 54-year military mission in Antarctica, Operation Deep Freeze) and eleven aircraft carrier strike groups and six navy fleets that roam the world's oceans and seas at will. It is also expanding a global interceptor missile system on land, on sea, in the air and into space that will leave it invulnerable to retaliation. Continue

In Case You Missed It
The Criminalization of War

America's "Long War" From the Truman Doctrine to the NeoConservatives

Video - By Michel Chossudovsky

The Implications of the US Military Agenda. Click to view

Who Will Be Next?
The Eviction Of Palestinian Families Continue

Video Report

The sight of Palestinians in East Jerusalem being forced out of their homes has become an all too familiar scene. Continue

The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon

American and British corrupted politicians who are happy to take donations from Israeli Tycoons and other ‘Friends of Israel’ better start to understand once and for all what kind of Ideology they are aligning themselves with. Continue

Dirty Money - Dirty Politicians?

The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street Campaign Cash

By Huffington Post

Which members of Congress have so far received most Wall Street money for the 2010 election cycle. The answers may surprise you. Continue

Hungry In The USA
America's Economic Pain Brings Hunger Pangs

By Amy Goldstein

The nation's economic crisis has catapulted the number of Americans who lack enough food to the highest level since the government has been keeping track, according to a new federal report, which shows that nearly 50 million people -- including almost one child in four -- struggled last year to get enough to eat. Continue

Who Are You and What Have You Done With the Community Organizer We Elected President?

By Robert Scheer

What's up with Barack Obama? The candidate for change once promised to take on the powerful banking interests but is now doing their bidding. Finally, a leading Democrat, in this case Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, has a good idea for monitoring the Wall Street fat cats who all but destroyed the American economy, and the Obama administration condemns it. Continue

"This is our surge"
Iraq's Lessons, On The Home Front

By Karl Vick

Combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been advising Salinas police on counterinsurgency strategy, bringing lessons from the battlefield to the meanest streets in an American city. Continue

The Pledge of Allegiance is un-American

By Michael Lind

Shouldn't the government pledge allegiance to the people rather than the other way around? Continue

23 "Taliban insurgents" killed in Afghanistan: In fresh offensive against Taliban fighters in a border town in Paktika province east of Afghanistan the troops eliminated nearly two dozen insurgents, a private television channel reported Wednesday.

US public backs Obama in Afghan war occupation: A poll in the US has found that the majority of Americans are confident that Barack Obama's future strategy for the "war" in Afghanistan will be successful.

U.S. Turns to Local Guns-for-Hire to Guard Afghan Outpost: In Iraq, the U.S. military put tribesman and former insurgents and Iraqi soldiers on the payroll, turning them into local neighborhood watches, called “Sons of Iraq.” Similar efforts in Afghanistan are only just beginning. Perhaps this is one of them.

Britain 'to stage Afghanistan surge': FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband has given the strongest indication yet that Britain's military presence in Afghanistan will significantly increase.

Afghan minister accused of taking $30 million bribe: The Afghan minister of mines accepted a roughly $30 million bribe to award the country's largest development project to a Chinese mining firm, according to a U.S. official who is familiar with military intelligence reports.

Afghan president's brother is lightning rod: Ahmed Wali Karzai is a half brother of Afghanistan's embattled president, whose international partners believe removing him from the country's political mix is essential if the newly elected administration is to prove its commitment to good governance.

Pakistani troops kill 11 "militants" in north-west : According to a military statement, the Islamist insurgents attacked security forces with small arms in Kund Mela area of South Waziristan district, injuring five soldiers including one officer. Six rebels died in the firefight.

Six militants killed, 8 soldiers wounded in Waziristan operation: Pakistani security forces Wednesday killed six more militants in Waziristan operation and recovered huge cache of arms and ammunition during search operation.

Taliban declare guerrilla war against Pakistan army: "We have not been defeated. We have voluntarily withdrawn into the mountains under a strategy that will trap the Pakistan army in the area,"

Militants using ‘Israeli weapons’: The use of Israeli-made light arms by militants in Pakistan against security forces in Waziristan region of the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan has raised several questions amongst many, news reports revealed yesterday.

Mush a US stooge, says A Q Khan: Calling Pervez Musharraf an “American stooge”, disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan has accused the former president of transferring “very sensitive information” on Pakistan’s atomic programme to the US.

Pakistani women condemn U.S.: The women marched silently towards the city centre, holding banners saying "Go, America, go" and "America, the traitor.

Iraq VP vetoes new election law: Tariq al-Hashemi said on Wednesday he objected to Article I of the law because it did not give a voice to Iraqis abroad, many of whom are Sunni Muslims who fled the country during sectarian fighting after the US-led invasion in 2003.

Army suicides set to hit new high in 2009: Suicides in the U.S. Army will hit a new high this year, a top general said on Tuesday in a disclosure likely to increase concerns about stress on U.S. forces ahead of an expected buildup in Afghanistan.

Least we forget: Obama Promise To End The War, 2007: Video: Quote: "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war...

South Sudan violence kills 12, injures minister: Twelve people were killed and a government minister wounded in clashes in south Sudan, which is preparing for a referendum on whether to split off as an independent state.

Deadly shootout in south Thailand: Thai security forces say they have killed six suspected separatist fighters in a gun battle in southern Thailand.

Israel "angers" U.S. by approving new illegal WBank homes: Israel triggered a fresh rift with Washington over settlement building on Tuesday by approving the building of 900 homes for Jews on West Bank land it occupied in a 1967 war and annexed to its Jerusalem

Obama: Expanding settlements won't make Israel safer: U.S. president criticizes decision to build 900 new housing units in East Jerusalem neighborhood.

IDF refusal will bring about Israel's collapse, warns Netanyahu: The prime minister's remarks came in the wake of a number of incidents involving IDF soldiers protesting their units' task of evacuating unauthorized West Bank "outpost", marking a shift in right-wing activity from attacks on Palestinians to protest in army ranks.

Egypt's Mubarak says Israel faked smuggling evidence: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has accused Israel of fabricating evidence it says implicates Egyptian security forces in helping Hamas militants smuggle arms into Gaza, and warned Israel not to ruin its ties with Egypt.

AIPAC Received Classified US Trade Docs from Israeli Embassy : A FBI file reveals the Israeli embassy passed stolen classified US government information to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In 1984 Israel and AIPAC jointly lobbied Congress to secure preferential Israeli access to the US market against widespread American industry opposition.

Iran rejects sending uranium abroad, but considers swaps: Iran said on Wednesday it would not send its enriched uranium abroad for further processing, but would consider swapping it for nuclear fuel and keeping it under supervision inside the country, the ISNA news agency said.

Low-enriched uranium stays in Iran: Mottaki: Iran prefers to domestically enrich uranium to 20 percent, or buy the 20-percent-enriched uranium that it needs rather than exchanging its LEU with fuel rods, Mottaki said.

'Nothing can stop Iran's uranium enrichment program': “Neither sanctions nor UN Security Council resolutions nor military threats can prevent Iran from continuing its uranium enrichment program,” IRNA quoted Ambassador Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh as saying on Tuesday.

Iran Unveils New Plan to Counter Fuel Sanctions: Iran's Oil Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi has unveiled a plan to counter possible fuel sanctions against the oil-rich country.

Honduras: Ruling on Zelaya 'after election': Mr Zelaya warned last weekend that he would not return to the presidency if Congress voted to restore him after the elections. He said doing so would legitimise his removal from office in June.

US 'to miss Guantanamo deadline': Obama had vowed during his first week in office in January 2009 that he would close Guantanamo within a year of taking office, saying that the prison does not adhere to US standards on human and civil rights.

Obama popularity below 50 percent for first time: poll: President Barack Obama's job approval rating has dipped below 50 percent nationally for the first time, as Americans worry about the war in Afghanistan, a new poll released Wednesday found.

Gold hits record above $1,150/oz as dollar falls: Gold rose to record highs above $1,150 an ounce on Wednesday as the dollar index languished, boosting interest in the metal as an alternative asset, after largely benign U.S. inflation data.

Falling U.S. Dollar: It's Lack of Demand, Not Rising Supply, Pharo's Dow Says: Standing by his thesis, Dow adds the shrinking dollar instead reflects a drop in money demand as the world deleverages and diversifies.

'Basket' should replace U.S. dollar as reserve currency, IMF says: The imperative of greater global currency stability means the world can no longer rely, as it has done since the end of the gold standard, on a currency issued by a single country, the head of the IMF said on Tuesday.

Did Geithner & Co cave in to the banks?: The report accuses treasury secretary Tim Geithner - at the time head of the New York branch of the US Federal Reserve - and his colleagues in the federal government of failing to negotiate discounted settlements with the banks.

National Debt Now Tops $12 Trillion: It's another record-high for the U.S. National Debt which today topped the $12-trillion mark. Divided evenly among the U.S. population, it amounts to $38,974.34 for every man, woman and child.

More than $98 billion in improper gov't payments: More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted

Mortgage delinquencies hit another record in 3Q: For the three months ended Sept. 30, 6.25 percent of U.S. mortgage loans were 60 or more days past due, according to credit reporting agency TransUnion. That's up 58 percent from 3.96 percent a year ago.

Home-Purchase Mortgage Filings Plummet -MBA: The volume of mortgage applications filed to purchase homes last week hit the lowest level in nearly nine years, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported Thursday.

U.S. Home Construction Dropped 10.6 Percent in October: Construction of new homes unexpectedly plunged last month, as builders waited to see whether lawmakers would extend a tax credit for homebuyers.

Global temperature 'to rise by 6C': Scientists have warned that global temperatures could rise by six degrees Celsius by the end of the century, four degrees higher than previously predicted and at a level that could wipe out species and cause widespread natural disasters.

Poor women 'bear climate burden': Women in developing countries will be the most vulnerable to climate change, a report from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned.

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