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News For October 30, 2009 - November 01, 2009

Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War

By Ray McGovern

The White Man’s Burden, a phrase immortalized by English poet Rudyard Kipling as an excuse for European-American imperialism, was front and center Thursday morning at a RAND-sponsored discussion of Afghanistan in the Russell Senate Office Building. Continue

War Crimes Commission Hears Graphic Accounts of US Torture

By Maria J.Dass

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission today heard harrowing testimonies about the atrocities committed against the Guantanamo Bay detainees, which included psychological torture and routine humiliation.Continue

Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret C.I.A. Jails


F.B.I. agents who arrived at a secret C.I.A. jail overseas in September 2002 found prisoners “manacled to the ceiling and subjected to blaring music around the clock,” and a C.I.A. official wrote a list of questions for interrogators including “How close is each technique to the ‘rack and screw,’ Continue

Congress to Condem U.N.'s Gaza Report

By Glenn Kessler

November 01, 2009 "Washington Post" -- Saturday, October 31, 2009 -- The House of Representatives on Tuesday is poised to pass a nonbinding resolution condemning a controversial U.N. report on alleged Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Continue

America, Stop Sucking up to Israel

By Gideon Levy

Before no other country on the planet does the United States kneel and plead like this. In other trouble spots, America takes a different tone. It bombs in Afghanistan, invades Iraq and threatens sanctions against Iran and North Korea. Did anyone in Washington consider begging Saddam Hussein to withdraw from occupied territory in Kuwait? Continue

Chomsky: Palestine and the Region in the Obama era:


Prof. Noam Chomsky - Professor Emeritus in Linguistics at MIT; world renowned author and leading intellectual. Continue

The Heart of India Is Under Attack

By Arundhati Roy

To justify enforcing a corporate land grab, the state needs an enemy – and it has chosen the Maoists. Continue

Obama Goes Wobbly Over More Stimulus

By Mike Whitney

Unemployment swelled to 9.8 percent, "with nearly nearly 26 million workers—17 percent of the workforce—unemployed or underemployed," according to economist Mark Zandi. The economy remains extremely weak and is expected to lapse back into recession if the Obama administration fails to provide a second-round of stimulus. Continue

44,000 Americans Die!

By Jim Kirwan

Yes that number is correct, and most of those that die are children that get no medical care in this nation, every year: Because the nation values making war upon strangers over taking care of the most basic needs of American citizens. Continue

Big Bad Government Is Coming to Get You

By David Michael Green

The right in America loves its canned tropes, but perhaps none so much as the ‘government is evil' one. Ooooooohh! Look out. Big bad government is coming to get you. Continue

Propping Up a Broken Capitalism

By Shamus Cooke

Five years ago it would be unthinkable that a harsh critique of capitalism would attract a mass audience. But this is exactly what Michael Moore’s new movie — Capitalism: A Love Story — has done. The source of Moore’s success is his willingness to focus on what the media ignores: the human faces behind unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosures, evictions, etc., and the faces benefiting from this misery — the corporate-elite sitting atop the financial system. Continue

Street battles as 33 "militants" killed: Pakistan army: – Pakistani troops killed 33 "militants" but faced mortar fire and street battles as they pressed an offensive against Taliban and foreign extremists on Saturday, the military said.

Bomb kills soldiers in Pakistan: At least seven Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in a tribal region of northwest Pakistan, officials say.

12 "militants" killed, in N Afghan province: Afghan forces backed by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have eliminated a dozen Taliban insurgents

Two occupation force soldiers killed in Afghan attacks: The U.S. on Sunday identified one of the casualties as an American who died of wounds suffered from a bomb attack.

British occupation force killed in Afghanistan explosion: "It is with great sadness I confirm that a soldier from the Royal Logistic Corps died in an explosion in Helmand Province.

Canadian soldier killed in Afghan IED attack: An IED blast has killed a Canadian solider in Afghanistan, the second such death in less than a week.

Afghanistan poll chaos as Abdullah quits run-off: President Karzai’s opponent in Saturday’s presidential election run-off pulled out of the race today in protest over the Afghanistan Government’s refusal to meet his demands to tackle the massive fraud that tainted the first round in August.

Afghan Vote Boycott Won’t Affect Poll: US : Answering the question on whether the outcome of a runoff with only one candidate would result in a legitimate government, Hillary Clinton said such situations are “not unprecedented” and occur in many countries.

Sacked UN official Peter Galbraith accuses Karzai of running second poll fraud: The American who was sacked as the deputy head of the UN mission in Afghanistan after alleging a cover-up of election fraud accused President Karzai yesterday of masterminding another massive operation to steal next week’s run-off contest.

After U.N. firing, vindication for Peter Galbraith: Recent events in Afghanistan haven’t returned Peter Galbraith to his old job, but they have brought affirmation.

Report reveals Afghan election fraud: ON ELECTION day, just 36 voters entered the polling booth. At the end of the day, the booth's votes were counted - all 2252 of them.

Occupiers involved in drug trade: Afghan minister: The Afghan minister of counter narcotics says foreign troops are earning money from drug production in Afghanistan.

10 dead, 50 injured in attacks in Iraq At least 10 people were killed and 50 injured Sunday in attacks in Iraq cities of Karbala and Hilla, security sources told the German Press Agency dpa. At least five people were killed and 15 injured when a bomb exploded in the southern raqi city of Karbala, local police said.

2 killed, 8 injured in twin bombings in western Iraq: Two coordinated explosions in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, on Sunday, killed two people and injured eight others, a well-informed police source said.

Bush says sorry, but Iraq was necessary: George Walker Bush, the former United States President, said that the decision to change Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq had actually been taken by the previous Bill Clinton administration.

Senior Iran MPs reject U.N. atom fuel plan: Senior Iranian lawmakers voiced opposition on Saturday to a U.N.-drafted nuclear fuel deal, casting further doubt on a proposal aimed at easing international tension over Tehran's atomic activities, Reuters reported.

Manufacturing Consent For Attack On Iran : Clinton warns Iran that patience has limits: "Patience does have finally its limits and it is time for Iran to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities to the international community and accepting this deal would be a good beginning," she said.

US backs Israel on 'preconditions': The US has called for the resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians as soon as possible and without preconditions, an apparent climbdown on earlier demands for Israel to halt settlement building.

Palestinians accuse U.S. of killing peace prospects: Pointing an accusing finger at the United States, the Palestinians on Sunday said Washington's backing for Israeli refusal to halt Jewish settlement expansion had killed any hope of reviving peace negotiations soon.

Israel confirms running spy networks in Lebanon: Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon has confirmed that Israel is running intelligence-gathering networks in Lebanon.

NASA scientist, denies spy claim: A NASA scientist credited with helping discover water on the moon pleaded not guilty to charges he tried to sell US defence secrets to Israel for $US2 million ($2.23m).

Iran: Lawmaker Highlights Role of Zionist Lobbies in US Policy Makings: A senior Iranian legislator on Sunday said that ratification of a 55-milion-dollar budget for the Pentagon to launch soft war against Iran indicates the role of the Zionist lobbies in the US policy makings.

UN body criticises Russia abuses: Russia has failed to protect journalists, activists, prison inmates and others at odds with authorities from a wide range of abuses, including torture and murder, a new report by the UN Human Rights Committee says

Congress considers Honduras deal: The Honduran Congress has been asked to approve a deal which might lead to the return to power of ousted President Manual Zelaya.

Honduras: Solution or Stall?: Micheletti aide, Arturo Corrales, said that since the congress is not in session, no vote on the agreement could be scheduled until "after the elections.

1,600 are suggested daily for FBI's list: Number of names on terrorist watch list at 400,000, agency says

US consumer spending falls: US consumer spending fell for the first time in five months in September, official data has shown, in a sign that a recovery from the recession is likely to be sluggish.

California to withhold a bigger chunk of paychecks: The amount goes up 10% on Sunday as Sacramento borrows from taxpayers. Technically, it's not an income tax increase: You'll get the money back eventually.

..Junk food as 'addictive as drugs': Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin, scientists have found.

October 30, 2009

Matthew Hoh: Please Refute What I'm Saying

We are stuck in the Afghan civil war

By Eric Black

Al Qaida is not in Afghanistan. A resurgent Taliban does not threaten U.S. national security. The U.S. mission in Afghanistan is not stabilizing the situation in Pakistan. We are in the middle of someone else's civil war. Continue

The Fruits of Intervention

By Pat Buchanan

If we had it to do over, would we send an army into Afghanistan to build a nation? Would we invade Iraq? Continue

14 "militants" killed in Pakistan's tribal area operation: At least 14 militants were killed in an ongoing military operation in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal area during the last 24 hours, an army statement said Friday.

Clinton Says Pakistan Helping Al Qaeda: Video

Pakistan's growing anti-US anger: Recently, while Pakistan's government may have been saying the things that the White House wants to hear, the country's media and public have often been openly hostile towards the United States.

Afghanistan: blast kills 9 civilians: A taxi carrying nine civilians hit a bomb buried in the road in eastern Afghanistan on Friday, killing everyone inside, police said

Defying U.N., Afghans to keep fraud-marred polling centers: In a rebuff to the United Nations, an Afghan commission named by President Hamid Karzai disclosed Thursday that centers rife with fraudulent votes during the summer's presidential election will remain open for the Nov. 7 runoff against challenger Abdullah Abdullah

U.N.'s Afghan Election Money Missing: The United Nations cannot account for tens of millions of dollars provided to the troubled Afghan election commission, according to two confidential U.N. audits and interviews with current and former senior diplomats.

47 Police 'killed' in north DR Congo: A number of civilians were also killed in the violence which erupted in the village of Dongo in Equateur province early on Thursday, the UN-sponsored Radio Okapi said, citing local officials

U.S. Defense Officials Reject Claim that U.S. Troops Live in 'Prison-Like Bases': An Iraqi military commander on Monday likened the present state of American GIs in his country to being "under house arrest," a comment passed off as "grandstanding" by a senior U.S. defense official.

Spokesman: US Waiting for Iran's Formal Response: "We are in very close consultation with him (IAEA chief), that we need further clarification. And I think it's also fair to say that we need to have a formal response from Iran," State Department spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters at the daily press briefing, the Iranian labors news agency reported.

Clinton says U.S. to let Iran nuclear talks play out: The Iranian pro-government daily Javan said on Thursday that Iran wanted shipments of low-enriched uranium -- for conversion abroad into fuel for a Tehran research reactor -- to take place in stages, not in a single consignment. It also wanted simultaneous imports of higher-enriched fuel from other countries for the same plant.

Senate panel passes Iran sanctions: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Conference of Presidents both issued statements applauding passage of the bill in the committees. Both bills face further deliberation before full house votes.

Speaker Reiterates US Involvement in Terrorist Attack in Iran: ''Currently the attack continues and there are evidences that Americans were involved in terrorist attack'' the Iranian labors news agency quoted Larijani as saying.

Falk: Gaza report puts Israeli officials on trial: The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says the Goldstone Gaza report paves the way for indictment of Israeli officials by international courts.

Palestinians homeless again after eviction : The United Nations is calling on Israel to immediately stop demolishing Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem. The UN says 60,000 Palestinians may be at risk of being forcibly evicted.

UK/USA made use of Uzbek torture: Former Brit ambsdr Craig Murray says UK and USA sent prisoners to Uzbek to be tortured

Canada jails Rwandan over genocide: A Rwandan man charged with crimes against humanity has been jailed for life under a Canadian law allowing people in the North American nation to be tried for crimes committed abroad.

Manuel Zelaya to return as Honduras President: The interim government of Honduras has yielded to international pressure and agreed to allow the return to power of Manuel Zelaya, the ousted President who was toppled in a military coup four months ago.

US, Colombia ink controversial military base deal: The US and Colombia have signed a controversial military pact that would allow Washington have access to seven bases in the Latin American nation, says Bogota.

Ecuador: Video disputed in Chevron lawsuit: Lawyers for the local people, who say their lives have been ruined by Chevron, are making new claims about secret videos that have put the trial on hold.

Mexico must investigate torture of two peasant farmers: Roselio de la Cruz was beaten and threatened with death, while officials held a plastic bag over the head of José Manuel de la Torre until he almost suffocated. He was then forced to inhale water until he passed out.

Homeless students: Increasingly, families taking shelter anywhere they can: Homelessness rises, redefining living conditions for schoolchildren

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